SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends The Collector’s Vault featuring: The Collector, Cosmo, Lockjaw, Moon Boy, Howard the Duck 
One of the most storied SDCC Exclusive items of all time…on at least, The Collector Vault.  Before SDCC…way before SDCC, this set popped up on eBay.  No one knew what it was, or where it was going, but thanks to some friends that had to have it, MUReview had some up close pictures to share.  Now, finally, this gorgeous set is in our own hands for us to bring you pictures of and give you our own thoughts for.  The set features The Collector, Tanleer Tivan in all of his collecty glory.  It shows his collection in an amazing and clever (as usual) package.  In his collection we have Cosmo, Lockjaw, Moon Boy, Howard the Duck, and a few very special artifacts from the Marvel Comics Universe.  Let’s take a look!

The Packaging

The Collector’s Vault packaging is another amazing Hasbro creation for it’s Comic-Con fans.  This fits the context so well.  It’s a vault showing all of The Collector’s trophies.  It’s right up there with how neat the Deadpool Taco Truck was.  This and the Raft from SDCC this year gave me a really hard time of getting over the hurdle to open.  I’m going to see what I can do about getting these back in the package for display, because it’s that freaking cool.


The Collector

The Good

  • The Boss Hog of this set is one of the nicest figures I’ve seen in the Marvel Legends 3.75″ line.  I’m saying that because I’m biased, and I love him, but also because it’s true.  He looks fantastic.
  • Eye black, white hair, mutton chops.  This is the Tanleer Tivan we have grown to love.  So happy we didn’t trip fall and accidentally get a Benicio Del Toro version.  I enjoyed his portrayal, but let’s be honest, there can be only one!
  • The cape, the sash, exceptional in design look and feel.  The texture is eerie feeling.
  • Highly articulated, all, literally all of the available bells and whistles.

The Bad

  • He doesn’t come with the Solar Sword.


Moon Boy

The Good

  • Moon Boy is flocked (his furry bits are furry textured).
  • He has an impressive amount of articulation for a figure this tiny.  Head movement, ankle movement, ball joint hips and arms spin / raise.
  • Good facial detail, this character is well captured in this smaller than 3.75 inch figure.

The Bad

  • When you get Moon Boy, you don’t complain, you just be happy you got Moon Boy.



Howard The Duck

The Good

  • Howard looks like a duck…that is in the comic books. He really does look great, very detailed.

The Bad

  • Howard is not an articulated figure.  It would have been nice to see him with the limited articulation that Moon Boy has as they are similar in size.



The Good

  • When I first started collecting Marvel Universe figures so long ago, Lockjaw was one of the first characters on my want list, along with the rest of the Inhumans.  Now, thanks to this, we are one step closer to completing the royal family!
  • Lockjaw comes with one point of articulation, and it’s awesome.  His doggy jaw opens and closes!
  • Perfectly captured tuning fork on his head.

The Bad

  • I say this understanding the nature of the release, the limitation of it, and know, how much is really going to be invested in making these figures fully articulated.  I get it, but it would be cool to have moving parts for legs for pose-ability.  Maybe a sit pose?



The Good

  • If Lockjaw was one of the first characters on my want list, Cosmo was the first, right after Nova Prime.  To have him is a glorious moment in the sun for me.
  • He looks dead on with his comic counterpart.
  • Cosmo is well detailed and his uniform is textured.

The Bad

  • Cosmo is missing his glass “hood”.
  • This is another “statue” figure, no articulation here.  Having a pose-able Cosmo would have been neat, but I’m counting my lucky stars to have him in the first place.  Thank you Hasbro!


Casket of Ancient Winters

  • Awesome sturdy little box that doesn’t open.
  • Highly detailed!


Wand of Watoomb

  • This is an outstanding comic re-creation, faithful to the original, with faces on either end of the wand.


Zodiac Key

  • At first glance this looks like one of those flimsy felt letters that kids play with.   At closer look, it’s made of more durable material than felt. It is also finely and intricately detailed with tons of minuscule lines and ridges.


The rest


In all my years of collecting, and SDCC / Comic Convention exclusives, this one takes the cake.  It gives me Marvel Cosmic characters that I never dreamed I’d own that weren’t custom jobs.  Each figure is highly detailed and looks great.  A set like this is the reason I collect.



First sold on the show floor at SDCC 2016.  This set will be available for a limited time in limited quantities at  The set should go on sale, per the HTS site, 8/9 and will sell for $69.99.  After that, Hasbro will take remaining stock to Fan Expo Canada in September of 2016.


Group Photos


MUReview received these products for free.

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