I’ll make a point of this one more time just so you can all reflect upon how much it stinks…MUReview wasn’t at SDCC 2016.  We brought you some great news and images from the show floor, but it was only what our good friends would share with us.  We thank them all profusely for that.  Really, it means the world to us.  None is more world meaning to us than our friends at Diamond Select Toys.  They have unloaded upon us a ton of great images from their booth on the show floor.  Something I was truly desperate to bring to you fine folks, but couldn’t.

Diamond Select Toys, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Let’s check out their booth together, you and me, for the first time!  For just a little bit of context, what you’ll see in the gallery is all the amazing goodies out and coming for 2016 from Diamond Select Toys, Minimates, Marvel Select, Bust Banks, Ghost Busters, Aliens, X-Files, DC, Marvel, it’s the best of all worlds, which is what Diamond Select Toys has ALWAYS offered their fans!  That said, go through the images with me.  I’m not looking at them till this post goes live and I can scroll through the gallery with the rest of the world.  Thank you again Diamond Select Toys for sharing this with us!

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