This afternoon, in California, San Diego to be specific, Hasbro put on a show with their Marvel Infinite and Legends lines that could be one for the ages.  I wasn’t there…but I read about it, and now I’m going to share what I have read with you!!

First, though…you can check out images HERE.
Panel Notes:


  • The tiny Ant-Man figure and Doctor Strange Sets are SOLD out!

Marvel Legends

  • Captain America Civil War gets its own Legends line featuring:
    • Task Master (with Udon alt head)
    • Classic Cap
    • Mockingbird
    • Nuke for Wave 2
    • Red Skull Onslaught is BAF
    • Wolf Cap!
  • Spider-Man 2016
    • Spider-Man Venon has alt head.
    • Spider Gwen has alt head.
    • Includes Spider-Ben
    • Carnage
    • Speed Demon
    • Female Beetle
    • Jack O Lantern
    • Morbius
    • Abosrbing Man BAF
  • 6 inch fans choice finalists are!
    • Dark Hawk, Angela, Symbiote Spider-Man and …one more TBD.
  • Abomination is coming.
  • New Namor is coming.

Marvel Infinite (3.75)

  • The Wave 2 SDCC 3.75 Fan Choice Winner is Gamora.
  • Upcoming Wave will feature
    • Gamora
    • Yellow Daredevil
    • Armor Spider-Man
    • Living Laser
    • Vision (not the same deco we all still can’t buy!)
    • Rage
  • Comic 2-Packs return!
    • Cap Falcon with Vance Astro
    • Female Thor with Unworthy Thor
    • Machine Man with Superior Iron Man
  • 2 Pack Wave 2
    • Scarlet Spider with Classic Spider-Man
    • Hyperion with Dark Hyperion
    • Captain Marvel (Green and White!! Kree outfit!) with Captain Marvel (Danvers)

Notes from the Q and A

  • Daredevil line is coming based on the Netflix series – 2017
  • Ronan needs a new figure.

Featured photo credit to Russ from Marvel Action Figure collectors group on Facebook.

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