SDCC 2015 Exclusive Hasbro Book of Vishanti Box Set

Well, now the cat is out of the bag.  Eagles should be landing all over the place over the next few days.  Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR, I’m sure comic sites all week will be putting up reviews of the incredible Hasbro SDCC 2015 exclusives.  Kinda like I just did with the Ant-Man Box set!  I said in that post, I got a box from Hasbro and Hunter PR.  I said that the Ant-Man Box Set was in it…I said something else was in it.   When my wife said there was something else in it on the phone, I was thinking it was the tiny matchbox sized Ant-Man.  It wasn’t….it was the mutha-fudgin Book of Vishanti box set!!  Did I say thank you to Hasbro and Hunter PR?  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you 1 million times, this is incredible.  Thank you for letting me bring this to my readers! Thank you!

The Packaging

The Good:

  • Hasbro. Knocked. This. Out. Of. The. Park.  Unreal, it’s a book, but also an action figure delivery mechanism….whuuuuut??
  • 4 highly detailed pages of comic history goodness featuring short bios on each of the 5 included characters.
  • All of the characters are snuggly fitted into the gorgeous red velvet like figure tray.  Capes are tucked through slits to fit nicely and hide in the back of the tray.
  • The cardboard of the book is nice and heavy, it feels pretty durable.

The Bad:

  • As with the Ant-Man set, and the Galactus set before it, it’s still coated in paper and paper rips.  Keep it safe kids.  It’s going to be tough to get from Con to home in pristine condition.

Doctor Strange

The Good:

  • The good Doctor comes to us capeless and in “Astral” deco.
  • Fine line details in silver show off the tangible part of the Astral form.
  • The sculpt is finely and highly has to be, there is no paint.
  • The magic-y-bits fit very nicely and cleverly on Doc Strange’s hands, which are in full magic pose

The Bad:

  • He has kind of a hunchy neck.


Brother Voodoo

The Good:

  • Exceptional head / facial detail.  Brother Voodoo looks every bit as intimidating as he does in the comics.
  • Clean and sharp line detail throughout the paint app.
  • Really cool flowy green sash on one hip, and gorgeous detailed skulls on the other.
  • Painted on skull mask looks fantastic.

The Bad:

  • Brother Voodoo’s full cape (he has a neck cape and then a long cape that goes under) is a little tricky to keep in it’s hole / on his back.


The Good:

  • He’s just big and solid and mean looking.
  • Dormammu for me is the figure of the Con, the bell of the ball if you will.  It’s probably because I always wanted him, and wanted him so bad that I bought a HeroClix version!  Don’t have that anymore, don’t need it!
  • The mold detail is amazing.  The color / paint application is fantastic.
  • He’s got plastic flame around his head and with the right light behind it, it will look staggering.
  • Hasbro is running out of absolute must have villains to do incredible justice to!

The Bad:

  • I admit to being a little naive here.  I’ve seen promo pictures for Dormammu and drooled from the start.  However, upon opening the set, I had a bit of a Three Amigos / Little Neddy Goes to War moment, where I found what looked like a floating Dormammu was really just movie tricks.  He doesn’t fly, or float above the Eye of Agamotto, it was just clever trick photography. Darn.  He’s still awesome.
  • For all that he is awesome, his balance is a little rough and he’s apt to topple over if left to stand without the help of his skirt.
  • Because of his girth, he’s tough to pose.  I don’t even care.
  • The flame hair on one of the included skulls popped off when trying to get it out of the case.  I popped it back on, some glue should keep it there forever.


The Good:

  • Excellent sharp lines again, it’s a theme for Hasbro at this SDCC.
  • All of the detailed antlers look amazing.
  • Awesome huge sword, fits perfectly in the hand.
  • Cape looks excellent, perfect width and length.
  • The green just explodes off of this figure!

The Bad:

  • Hella’s antlers have a tendency to fall out.
  • One of Hella’s shoulder pads came bent down in the packaging.



The Good:

  • Attention to detail here, right down to the red X on her right shoulder.
  • She’s got a mighty big sword and there are no hand fit issues.
  • Good fit for her not so big sword too.
  • Look at that armored arm, excellent detail.

The Bad:

  • Lipstick application is a little bit janky.


The Rest:

  • You’ve got a lot of figures in this box that you haven’t ever seen in Legends scale before, and some you probably won’t ever see again.  That makes this a must have for Doc Strange fans, or anyone who is a fan of any character in this box.  Let’s talk price though.  $109.99 stings all at once, but you are really getting a lot here.  Not mentioned in any of the above is the bonus Eye of Agamotto…it has a spot for you to put it on a necklace for goodness sake!


  • If you go to SDCC 2015, you can get this set for 109.99.  If you don’t go, you have a chance to get it at  If you don’t get it there…well…eBay.  However, just a thought.  As with the Ant-Man box set, you are looking at a box set of figures featuring in a forthcoming Marvel movie.  Is there an outside chance…or an inside chance that any or all of these figures could find their way to toy store shelves on single cards or in team packs in the future?  You probably have at least a 50/50 shot of that.  For now though, this is special, and 5 figures for 109.99 is a good price considering the standard $20 – $22 price point of a Marvel Legends scale figure at your local toy shop.

Book of Vishanti Box Set Group Picture:

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