SDCC 2015 Exclusive Hasbro Book of Ant-Man Box Set

Today, I called my wife on the way home from work like I always do.  I ask “any good mail?” like I always do.  My little guy got his Shopkins.  I got a receipt for a payment I sent to a doctor.  Oh, and there is a giant box from Hasbro  in here too.  To my lovely wife I think “maybe next time lead with that”, but I say…”OPEN IT”.  What’s inside?  Well…more than one thing.  The first of which we are going to talk about here.  The Hasbro 2015 SDCC Exclusive Ant-Man Box Set!  Before we dive in, I would like to send a very very special thank you to the fine folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR.  Without which, I would not have this thing, the other thing, or many many things that I absolutely love so much!

The Packaging

The Good:

  • Hasbro is notoriously good at creating clever packaging for San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.  Especially for Marvel items, and especially this year, leading with the Ant-Man helmet shaped head packaging for the Ant-Man box set.
  • Clever box design nestles two antennas that are on a tight spinner on the back.  For shipping and transport, spin them down to line up with the box….but when you want to display, flip em’ up in the air and Ant-Man has antennae!  Like he’s s’posta!
  • Super easy to open, I cut one piece of tape, folded out two tabs and the plastic insert slid right out, no fuss, no muss.

The Bad:

  • At the end of the day, this is still made of paper.  No matter how delicately, packed, shipped, or traveled, from Con to home, you are going to see wear and that’s unfortunate, this package is one to keep!


Giant Man

The Good:

  • Giant Man is Giant in every sense of the word, checking in at 12 inches tall, he’s just…so freaking big!  Lines up perfectly in height with the store exclusives from the early Marvel Universe line with the red and blue and blue and yellow 12-inch Giant Men / Goliaths and the giant Skrull.
  • Exceptional paint application, very clean lines, sharp costume detail.
  • For a figure this size, articulation is very good, wrist movement, torso hinge, double jointed knees.  You can get him into a ton of great poses!
  • This big red bad boy has awesome antennae protruding from his head!

The Bad:

  • Though highly articulated, because of his size, balance is an issue.
  • An issue with at lease one of the other figures in this box, very pronounced 4-digit numbers on the back of the head.  Save it for the crotch!



The Good:

  • This dude is an adorable shrunk down version of my blue and yellow Marvel Universe Goliath!
  • Fits in perfectly with the standard scale of Marvel Legends.
  • This figure is going to fill out more than a few long awaited teams for a lot of collectors making this set an absolute must have!
  • Another very clean paint application.
  • Perfect inclusion in scale to show just how big Giant Man is.

The Bad:

  • The way the leg stripes line up with the boot cuts looks a little wonky on the outside of the legs.
  • Also has pronounced back of the head numbers.


Hank Pym (unmasked 3.75 inch)
The Good:

  • I feel like we’ve been living with this figure for a while now.  He was rumored as the exclusive long before SDCC announcements thanks to some grey market shadiness.  That doesn’t make this figure any less appreciated to have.
  • Hank Pym’s head sculpt is perfectly suited.
  • It is an incredibly nice bonus that the alternate helmeted head is included.
  • The lab coat sits on Pym perfectly and looks fantastic with the white sleeves.
  • Paint application on uniform is once again very clean and sharp.
  • This is otherwise the same figure, which I loved, from the Marvel Infinite line.

The Bad:

  • The jacket is tricky to get off.  So much so to the point that I just left it on because I didn’t want to damage…the precious.
  • The alternate head, which is the standard head of the original Marvel Infinite release is still missing antennae.

Ant-Man – Scott Lang

The Good:

  • At about an inch and a half tall, Scott Lang looks exceptional for the scale.
  • Good detail and clean paint lines.
  • Sturdy little figure with about as much articulation as you can expect (legs and arms).

The Bad:

  • Maybe a little more definition on the helmet, but otherwise, at this scale he looks fantastic!


Ant-Man – Hank Pym…super tiny

The Good:

  • This is a familiar looking Ant-Man, same as the one packed in from back in the day with Marvel Universe’s Yellow Jacket.
  • Excellent detail for a figure this small.
  • Nice, clean paint.

The Bad:

  • Not a lot to complain about here…almost too tiny to even see!


The Rest:

  • This my friends, is a silent wallet killer.  Come for the huge figure, stay for the tiny ones.  If you are an Ant-Man fan, this is an absolute must have set, and it’s not going to be easy to get your mitts on either!


  • As of now, our only indicated release window is that this is a San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusive from Hasbro.  That said, there is an Ant-Man movie coming soon.  If it does well, …well, never say never.  But for now, if you want this.  You have to go to San Diego July 9th-ish to get it.  You can pick it up for $64.99 at the show.  If you aren’t lucky enough to make it out there though, those patient enough, and quick on the draw can grab this at an undetermined date after SDCC at

Hasbro Ant-Man Box Set Group Picture:



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