At SDCC 2015 Diamond Select Toys unveiled an incredible new spacious booth.  I can’t wait to see it in person at NYCC!  But more important than the booth is what was in those cases, that plastic crack we all crave.  Minimates, Select, DC, Marvel, Ghostbusters.  Diamond Select has it all and you are going to need to just give them your money, because you will want it all!!

In the gallery…you WILL see a Hulkbuster Minimate.  You will also see Pyro, Maestro, and Carol Danvers.  The DC pieces are beautiful.  The Ghostbuster figures…I mean Peck looks like as much of a jerk as he does in the movie!! Well done!

Photos below are from the Diamond Select Toys Facebook page (as we were not in attendance at SDCC 2015).

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