Big doins for Marvel Legends fans out of the Hasbro Marvel Panel at SDCC 2014!

Let’s go over what we now know.

There will be an Avengers movie line for Legends featuring Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent Coulson.

We will see a modern style Gamora coming out in 2016 and a female Captain Marvel.  It’s unclear from what I have read whether these are the fans choice 3.75 figures though, and I believe that is the case.

There is word of a 6 inch 5-pack featuring comic style / classic Guardians Gamora, Drax, Star Lord Rocket and Groot.  This may be a retailer exclusive.

The Marvel Legends Nova was among the highest selling figures in the Legends line.  There is talk of a second wave of GotG figures!

We will see a Marvel Legends Magik and Dormammu!! (no clue on timing).

The line runners would love to see Reavers at Legends scale but ROM is out of the question.

Bulldozer could have been a 2015 figure but would not fit with Odin BAF. Bulldozer is still a potential release, possibly as a BAF himself.

Now, what we really know for sure…who is coming:



Thanos as a BAF in 2016!!! (Modern uniform)

This is of course in addition to the displayed 2015 wave 1:

Iron Fist


Captain Marvel

Machine Man (swap figure)

Sentry (swap figure)

Odin / King Thor

Spider-Man Legends Line

Spider-Man 2099




Let’s check out some press images!

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