Well folks, forget grainy images of panel snapshots…we’ve got dazzling press images for Marvel Infinite Waves 1 and 2 of 2015 right here!

But first a word.  The Hasbro Marvel Panel had the following to announce about Marvel Infinite for the next coming months:

Wave 1 will be:

Black Cat, Big Time Spider-Man, Bishop, Jim Lee Beast (blue) and Sandman.

Wave 1 will have 2 swaps, Classic Grey Beast and Sandman.

Wave 2 will feature:

Thunderstrike, Doctor Octopus, Juggernaut Colossus, Armored Daredevil, Vulture, Shana and Northstar.

These are two very beefy new character waves.  No complaints here!

Now, from the panel we learned that 3.75 (Infinite) is going strong and Hasbro wants to ensure it remains that way by getting out great characters as quickly as possible.  Because of this, articulation in 2015 will be scaled back with new base bodies.  Starting out we may see less articulation but retained detail and decoration.  As things progress we should see articulation return where applicable.

As always, Hasbro is working to get 3.75 distribution improved.


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