SDCC 2014: Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

I cannot believe that this moment has finally come.  Since first hearing about the set, salivating…really wasn’t the right word for what it came to.  Today though, on my door a nice giant sized box arrived containing what can only be referred to…as the precious.  The Infinity Gauntlet Box set, exclusively sold at SDCC 2014’s Hasbro booth, and now, for a very short time (while supplies last) available on  The set features a giant, man sized Infinity Gauntlet, sure to fit nearly any hand that holds it, even Thanos’s hand.  Also included in the set….Thanos himself, Nebula, Star Fox and Mistress Death, 3 of the four, available for the first time ever in 3.75 inch plastic!!


The Good:

  • Thanos is displayed in his classic darker blue with gold tones and highlights, the colors here jump just like they do off the printed page.
  • The ethereal translucent gauntlet on Thanos’s left hand pays great homage to the power that was the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • The paint application and face mirror the 2-pack Thanos released with Adam Warlock, not the original single carded release.  This means a full grin and a gold stripe down the chest.

The Bad:

  • I got nothin, this is about as close as we will get to the classic Thanos from the amazing 90’s Infinity Gauntlet series.


The Good:

  • Hasbro nails Nebula dead on, right down to the highlights in her hair.
  • Clean paint application.

The Bad:

  • Not a bad…but, do we get a single carded variant from Nebula in the GoTG movie?  Wishful thinking…


Star Fox

The Good:

  • Highly comic accurate.
  • Comes with Gauntlet accessory and it fits really well!
  • Repaint of the Quicksilver from the Marvel Universe line…he was dead on just about the same guy, so good job there.

The Bad:

  • I’m really not too sure about the blue hues across Star Fox’s chest.


Mistress Death

The Good:

  • Mistress Death comes with a swappable flesh head and hand.
  • Swapping is easy, doesn’t feel permanent if you go one way or the other.
  • Once again, Hasbro has absolutely nailed the essence of the character that they set out to.

The Bad:

  • Mistress Death features absolute zero articulation.  This is a little disappointing because it would have been nice to setup a few poses between she and Thanos.


The Gauntlet

The Good:

  • It’s huge!  It will fit on just about any hand human or otherwise…
  • Highly detailed soft foam, a strap is in the Gauntlet to hold it on your hand.
  • Each gem looks like it has little skulls set inside of it.
  • For the first time ever, you can control the galaxy with your own Infinity Gauntlet!!

The Bad:

  • Did you see Guardians of the Galaxy?  If you did you should know that you don’t do anything bad with or around an Infinity Gem…you just don’t.


All of em:

The Rest:

  • Seriously, any fan of the Gauntlet absolutely MUST own this!!!



Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet Box Set Package and Group Pictures:


Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet Wearing it Pictures:


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