Over the weekend we saw the news about the SDCC exclusive Jaba the Hutt for the Hasbro Star Wars Black 6 inch toy line.  And we drooled.



Today however, we get something else entirely.  Please consider this absolute rumor until it is fact, but just today, popping up on taobao, we see a 3.75 Star Fox action figure…that doesn’t look like a custom.  This comes from a market in the area of the world that telegraphed last years Marvel Universe SDCC exclusives well in advance as being the Deadpool Taco Truck.  Could we be looking at an Infinity Gauntlet / Marvel Cosmic – Marvel Infinite SDCC Exclusive?  With the release being so near to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie premiere, folks, including this one are hoping.  Have a look at Star Fox below.


Adding further creedance to the potential for an Infinity Gauntlet set, Taobao has also posted Nebula


Credit to the MakeMineMarvel Facebook group, Gary FKY for the find and Jab for letting me know.  Also credit to Dionisis for the find on Nebula.

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