SDCC 2014: Hasbro Thanos Imperative Box Set

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, but I will caveat. I haven’t reviewed my weight in 6 inch figures as I have definitely done in 3.75 scale, so I admit I’m less an expert in this category.  However.  In my honest opinion the SDCC 2014 Thanos Imperative Box Set from Hasbro has put the 6 inch action figure world on notice.  Marvel and Hasbro have caught a keg worth of lightining and they are loosing it on the world between sets like this and the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Every single figure in this set is amazing.  Amazing.  The packaging, also amazing.

The Packaging

The Good:

  • The mouth of the Galactus Engine opens (slides down) to reveal Blastaar.  A box…it’s a box, and it has an articulated mouth.
  • Opening the mouth reveals a set of wings that can be folded out to make the box appear to be a ship.
  • The Galactus Engine artwork is incredible.
  • Excellent character detail is displayed as hidden until the mouth is opened / wings are unfolded.
  • Blastaar faces out from Galactus’ mouth, while ‘the good guys’ face out through clear plastic on the opposite side.  The 4 heroes are in a single tray and Blastaar gets his own tray….he needs it.

The Bad:

  • The box isn’t made of plastic so it won’t last forever :(.


Black Bolt

The Good:

  • Every figure in this set is incredibly pose-able.
  • Fine line details showcase the bolts on the uniform.
  • The tuning fork is a nice independent piece on Bolt’s forehead.
  • Under arm wings work far better here than on the previously released Legends Black Bolt.  These are hard plastic vs the very easily rip/breakable old Bolt release.

The Bad:

  • Lockjaw not included.



The Good:

  • I have never had the good fortune to say this of an action figure, until today.  Medusa has fine child bearing hips.
  • Excellent paint application.
  • Excellent facial detail and expression.
  • Spiked heals!?
  • Medusa’s hair will help her stand where her heels may fail her.

The Bad:

  • While her hair is awesome…it’s not articulated.  I can’t wait till the figure out how to pull that off.

Star Lord

The Good:

  • Remember the 3.75 Star Lord Figure that came out in the MU Guardians of the Galaxy box set?  He looks like that, but 2x the size, right down to the guns…but.
  • Articulation here is once again incredible, where by size the MU release was a little bit more limited.
  • Exceptional costume and helmet detail.  Star Lord comes off the pages in a stunning three dimensional representation.
  • Fits right in with Drax and Rocket releases from last year.  Looks great standing next to Nova too!

The Bad:

  • Icing on the cake here would have been a swappable head without helmet / mask.


The Good:

  • Gladiator is the second meatiest figure in this bunch, sturdy and thick limbed.
  • Comic accurate facial / uniform detail, mohawk and cape.
  • Highly articulated for setup of just about any pose.
  • This is an incredibly substantial figure.
  • What the hell are they gonna use this mold for next? I can’t wait to see!

The Bad:

  • I don’t even have anything witty bad to put here.



The Good:

  • Blastaar is massive.
  • Facial / hair detail is to the comic page accurate.
  • Body accessories, while molded on are again, page perfect to the Thanos Imperative story line.
  • He’s just so freaking big!  There is nothing dainty about this monster.
  • What the hell are they gonna use this mold for next? I can’t wait to see! ( I repeated myself on purpose).

The Bad:

  • He’s missing one little thing, a shoulder / upper arm guard.  Totally being nitpicky here though, this figure is astounding.


The Rest:

  • Ohhh my gosh it sucks so much that you can’t buy this for cost anymore.  This is a must own for Marvel Cosmic fans!


  • Right, so let me adjust the above statement.  Word on the street is that this would not be solely an SDCC exclusive.  There is no tagging on the box to indicate that to be the case.  The rumor is that this will be a convention exclusive, and there will be other conventions.  It would be a terrible shame not to get this set into as many hands of wanting folks as Hasbro can because it is a bargain at twice the retail price and it includes some of the most exceptional figures my hand has ever held.


Hasbro Thanos Imperative Box Set Group Picture:


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