I’m going to say this many many times over the course of my life…Nathan Elliot for President!  A million and one thank yous to Nathan for sharing his photos of the SDCC show floor with MUReview, in this case, specifically, a wealth of images of the Marvel Infinite / Universe Diorama.  Amazing job by Hasbro, amazing job by Nathan.  Just look!

…but be warned. Just because there is a Hood in there doesn’t mean that’s a coming figure.  Just because you see a red dinosaur doesn’t mean we are getting a Devilsaur. The official releases should be made between today, tomorrow and Sunday as to what new figures will come in the Infinite line.  The diorama is just a diorama.  I promise.

Also, check out the epic display cases for Marvel Infinite here.

And the Marvel Legends Day one shots here.


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