I have been vexed all Comic Con long this year, by hard to find DST info and solid images.  Hell, a few days ago I posted what I thought was a Cable coming out in 2015! It’s coming out in 2014 and thank goodness for that! I can’t wait to pre-order.

That said, all along DST has been posting great photos of upcoming goodness to their Facebook page.  Well, today, I’m doing the best I can in sharing that.

It looks list Diamond Select had a great Comic Con, new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Minimates, new Pulp Fiction and Mass Effect Minimates, new Diamond Select figs in Cable and Carnage, Bust Banks Abounding!  Let’s also not forget, new Marvel Zombie Villains! (Can I get a new Zombie Heroes with Nova please?) (And a Nova Prime Select Figure in 2015…) Have a look!

1940023_802680973109495_4978970563549883686_n 10384059_804179746292951_6493594853323804870_n 10410174_805052242872368_6971644765088490024_n 10478568_804304356280490_2928266676852498969_n 10501722_803853862992206_4485976547803187686_n 10502220_802461166464809_4192108720256003940_n 10523338_802703299773929_1337744111125800375_n 10530916_802960276414898_122488192105968963_n 10553544_803732233004369_1688524660069885707_n 10559928_804238612953731_8531795927583976957_n 10561835_804797059564553_500474543152677257_n

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