Hasbro brought a ton of great news to share with Marvel Fans at their SDCC 2013 panel.  Over the week there has been a ton of speculation, most of it turned out to be true and thankfully, all of it is pretty good news!

Iron Man 3

– The final wave of Iron Man 3 Assemblers is shown, we’ll be getting Igor and Red Snapper.

– The Hall of Armor pack (previously reported) will be an Amazon.com exclusive in October.

– We will see Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs wave 2 in August.

Thor: The Dark World

– The most articulated line they’ve done, in stores October 1.

– Line features Thor, the Dark Elf, Loki.

– A fifth figure will be revealed in the booth on Sunday.

– Thor 2 role play gear includes, you guessed it, a hammer and a helmet.

Marvel Universe

– Wave 5 officially announced as Omega Red, Northstar / Aurora (variants), Black Knight and Nightcrawler (AoA).

– The X-Men 3 pack (Juggernaut Colossus, Emma, Asotnishing Cyke) will be coming this fall.

– Marvel Universe is not going anywhere, it’s just getting a new title, “Avengers” as requested by retail.

– Picking up where David Vonner left off, the design duty’s of the line will be taken up by Bobby Vella.

– The first figures we see from the Avengers line are:

– Grim Reaper

– Hyperion

– They both look great!

Marvel Legends

–  The final Marvel legends line as we know it, wave 3 will include

– Thor

– Agent Venom

– Tigershark and Radioactive Man (variant)

– Moonstone and Songbird (variant)

– Blizzard and Batroc (variant)

– Wave 3 BAF Jubilee

– 2014 will not have another mini BAF, it’s going back to full size.

– All Marvel Legends will be moving into movie tie ins.

– The first of which is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

– Captain America (Marvel Now version)

– Baron Zemo (Marvel Now version)

– We will see the end of variants, they will just be packed 1 per case

– Black Cat

– BAF is Ultimate Green Goblin

– Star-Lord is shown, let’s assume that this will be a Guardians of the Galaxy figure, no date was given.

Q and A

– No BAF for 3.75 line.

– We will still get lesser known figures in the Avengers 3.75 and movie tie in 6 inch lines.

– 3 packs will be discontinued in the Avengers line, no mention of 2 packs.

– New case packaging (no more variants) starts in 2014, so oh well for wave 5…

– Playskool Marvel will continue.

– Stryfe (6 inch) is still ready to go, just needs a home.

Check out yet more of Nathan E. from the Make Mine Marvel Facebook Page’s hard work!


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