SDCC 2013 Exclusive – Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps (Full – Official)

It has been a little while since we last had a look at the Deadpool Corps set, leaking out a few months ago with some unaccessorized figures from Hong Kong on eBay.  We are still indebted for a first close look at those figures, and are happy to report, they have been returned to their rightful home.

That said, I would like to send out a giant thank you to the folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR.  They saw fit to include us into the fold of legit (or nearly?) Toy Review / News outlets and I can’t explain how honored I am to be acknowledged for that time and time again.  Hasbro hooked us brothers up with the Deadpool Corps SDCC 2013 Taco Truck!  Not gonna lie, still in awe and shock over the box I got today.

Now…we have an anniversary coming up.   We like giving things away…maybe this goes in the package?  More on that later…

The Packaging (Taco Truck)

Really truly brilliant design here.  The package artistically depicts the Pool family in their natural habitat…picking up some Tacos at El Guer0 Taqueria.  Deep comic references abound all over this gorgeous and well thought out box.

Each included figure is featured beautifully and accurately to the figure inside of the box.  The menu on the side of the truck reads off the included roster and the standard SDCC logo is present and accounted for.

A taco tray slides out of the back of the truck containing 5 taco figure packages, Deadpool, Kidpool, Champion of the Universe, Lady Deadpool and a pack with Squirrel and Dogpool (and rubber ducky).

On the very bright side, each package was easy to open to remove the figure without causing much damage to this sure to keep collectors item!

Champion of the Universe

The Good

  • He’s big!  Cable buck I think?…seems bigger though.
  • Dead on representation, red hair, great belt!
  • The man who is Champion is well articulated and highly pose-able.
  • We get some nice accessories in a sword and dagger.

The Bad

  • If you met this guy in an alley…or in a McDonalds, would you say anything bad about him?
  • No holsters for the accessories.

Lady Deadpool

The Good

  • Again, spot on figure here.
  • Finally, a 2013 female figure without a whacky knee!
  • This is a figure that custom makers have been putting together for years and it’s always great to see when Hasbro manufactures the genuine article even better.
  • Again, awesome accessories, Rocket launcher, gun, both fit great in hand, and a katana that goes in her back sling.

The Bad

  • Move along….move along.


The Good

  • Much like Kid Cyclops, the character is accurately represented, well painted and comes in a nice action pose.

The Bad

  • Different from the first time I saw this figure, I now have no issues getting him to stand up…and kudos to Hasbro, unrelated, I got a new Rocket Raccoon (from the 3 pack) and he’s standing fine too!.


The Good

  • Perfect!  The outfit looks great, and he’s excellent for a dog figure (non poseable).
  • Just they have a dog mold…there are other famous dogs in the MU…Cosmo anyone??!?!?!?

The Bad

  • This is a personal complaint only and nothing wrong with the figure.  Based on the size, Dogpool won’t fit in my nifty figure cases.


The Good

    • It’s a teeny tiny furry…well armed Deadpool that is a squirrel.
    • Outstanding detail for the size.
    • Rubber ducky float!!

The Bad

    • A little tough to stand.


The Good

  • Waterwings!! Yes, they come off!
  • Appears to be made from the Wolverine line mold, colors are brighter, joints are nice and firm.
  • Prefer the single line harness down the middle to the shoulder holster harness of the MU two-pack release.
  • Two heads are better than one…and crafty custom makers can very likely make a Headpool without too much effort.
  • Guns, lots of guns.
  • Holsters.

The Bad

  • Shhh…he knows we are talking about him.

The rest

So, this is our second go round here.  We had an early look and this is the official look and it’s incredibly timely.  This is an outstanding set, I thought so the first time, and now seeing it in all of it’s glory…I’m really terribly impressed. I think Hasbro has really put together a fantastic package that fans of Marvel, Deadpool and of the Marvel Universe Toy Line are going to love and clamor to get their hands on.


You are only going to find this set at SDCC 2013…and, some lucky F5 page refreshers will get their hands on it at after the convention.  In either place it’s $49.99.  With HTS you will have to worry about shipping too.  There are other ways to get the Taco Truck however.  There is the more expensive route, eBay.  Maybe you know someone who is going to the convention?  Or…maybe you are reading this post thinking, man, I hope MUReview has a great second birthday.  I bet  they will do something fun, and probably give away some really cool stuff.  Maybe…maybe Hasbro sent this to us so we could give it to you?  I guess we will just have to wait a week or two and see.

And now…the pictures.

MUReview received these products for free.

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