The Internet is blowing up with SDCC 2012 Preview Pictures.  Toy Ark, Action Figure Pics, the Fwoosh, all providing incredible images from the show floor.  Tonight, is arm chairing it because due to family and financial commitments, SDCC 2012 was just not a real thing for us.  That doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and comment.  There are so many great pictures out there!  We are seeing so much of what we were promised from Hasbro and a ton of other new stuff.

New images we’ve seen:

70’s Dr. Strange, White suited Doctor Doom, Black and White Spidey, Puck, The Inhumans, the X-Men 3-pack featuring Long Shot, Kid Cyclops, Rogue and Wolverine.  Some unexpected two-packs, Rhino, and the rest of them.  We are waiting for Images from our man on the ground in SD Jason, and while we wait patiently, hit the links below to get your fill!  I’m excited and I’m sure you will be too!

I see Doombots! Big ones!

Marvel Universe

Amazing Spider-Man


Marvel Universe



Images below from AFP.  Go look at better versions there.

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