Today was Marvel’s video games panel.  Check out the bullet points for a wrap up.

  • Amazing Spider-Man is out now.
  • You can play Super Hero Squad Online Now.
  • Avengers Alliance – new costumes and characters were announced:
    • New costumes for Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Cyclops, Daredevil, and all of the Future Foundation members
    • New characters will be coming to the game: Magik, Rogue, Tigra, Valkyrie, Emma Frost, Quicksilver, Beast, Gambit and Havok.
    • AvX in Avengers Alliance was teased and a contest should launch shortly with the Phoenix 5 costumes!
  • New trailer for Avengers: Battle For Earth.  We got some character details for the Kinect fighter: Black Widow, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Magneto, Spider-Man, Storm, Thor, Venom, and Wolverine.
  • Out very soon, Capcom is mashing up Marvel Vs. Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes for X-Box live and PSN, check that out!
  • Gameplay was shown of the upcoming free-to-play (but pay to win?) MMO Marvel Heroes.
  • Don’t forget the Deadpool game, check out the video for that in it’s own post in our SDCC and games section!

End of line….

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