Thanks for joining us folks.  Look out below for all of the details from the 2012 San Diego Comic Con Hasbro Marvel Panel.  Images will be updated here as we receive them:

Get ready everyone we are live blogging along with Hasbro, the Panel is about to start, please excuse all typographical errors, or don’t.

1. As of now it appears that there is a photo montage of existing figures going on.

2. Word that the X-Force Marvel Legends exclusive is sold out.

3. There is now a look at Ultimate Spider-Man toys for 2013.  This is animated series related.  All focus next year will be on the animated product line.

4. Now getting a look at Ultimate Spider-Man 6 inch figs.  All new tooling.

5. Bonkazonks…new characters.

6. Spider-Man and Iron Man collectors cases for Bonkazonks.

7. 102 Bonkazonk characters to collect this year.  Jackal, Whirlwind, Grim Reaper, Dormammu.  So far old news from Toy Fair, but you can get codes to ulock free games at

8. To clarify, the 3.75 / 6 inch animated line figures for next year are confirmed for Ultimate Spider-Man only.


10.  So far this week we’ve gotten a look at unexpected 2 packs, FF Doom and Spiderman, the She-Hulk 2-pack, and then some looks at Mysterio and Elektra, but everything else we kinda knew what was coming.

11. The 2012 Digital Comic Exclusive – OLD MAN LOGAN! (with bonus Hulking).

12.  Old Man Logan will premiere at NYCC 2012 (MUReview will be there!)

13. Uncanny X-Men team pack!  Colossus, Juggernaut and EMMA FROST!  Cyclops is the last member in the team pack but he’s not ready to be shown – this is a 013  sneak peak.

14. Now a look at Angel…Puck…and SNOWBIRD!

15…wow that was it? Now on to Legends already?

16. Deadpool and X-Force Deadpool.

17. US Agent, Neo Classic Iron Man, Iron Man has Moon Style Boots.

18. Punisher and Classic Blade (we knew about these guys).

19. Mystique and Moonstar, shown with extra weapons.

20. Hasbro stating – they read the boards, they know we want lots of guns.

21. Doctor Doom with and without mask!

22. 2013 will be the year of the mini BAFS Wave 1 – Hit Monkey (we saw that in show pictures)

23. Savage She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk.

24. Ultimates Captain America, X-Force Wolverine, Lyra.

25. Sentry and Hyperion (both shown on SDCC show floor).

26. Archangel – also shown on the show floor. But with a second look I hadn’t seen – blue steel and off blacks.

27. Jean Grey (shown on the show floor).

28. A Long over due character…WRECKER

29. Sure is a lotta Legends news…not feeling the MU love.

30. An all new team..the THUNDERBOLTS.

31.Now I’m just getting mad, ML is getting Moonstone.

32. Moonstone has the potential to be used as many other characters (Ms. Marvel) and should be the ML female buck go forward.

33. Now onto Iron Man 3 2013 sneak peek, includes Micro Muggs.

34. Smal scale Mighty Muggs in a bunch of different Iron Man armors sold in blind bags, 2 inches tall permanently attached to bases.

35. Legends come to Iron Man – IRON MAN BAF – they won’t show the whole figure.

36. Now Q and A.

37. How is the decision made about who goes into the revision cases?

38. That BAF could be Iron Monger (from Iron Man Line).

37- A – We look at past sales what did well, what went out in minimum quantitys, and make the decision from there. No rhyme or reason to it. Just trying to keep the freshness of the line going.

39 -Are you going to finish Alpha Flight?

A – AF has different incarnations of team members but they have their list.

40. A kid asking about the Iron Man BAF – they aren’t telling.

41. Why are Bonkazonks so small (same kid)

A. So you can stuff a bunch in your pocket.

42. Someone tossed their Hellicarrier in the lake – it floats.

43. Wow fans, this is riveting stuff…can’t we hear some q’s from our man there Jason?

44. That’s all we’ve got for now but check back later for our man Jason’s pictures from the panel! CAN’t WAIT!

Additional Q and A questions captured by Action Figure Insider:

Any Plans for a diorama like the Avenges Mansion?   Not In Legends Scale… Haven’t looked at it for Marvel Universe.  Jesse Falson suggests looking on line and learning to make it yourself.  His favorite things to do as a kid was make his own toys.

Will you bring back any old Toy Biz Characters or an updated version?  They look at that all the time.

Will we see more of the Toy Biz type articulation like fingers and toes? It’s a ballance. You have a set budget and have to make choices. To look at it again would have to be something limited and not a new standard.

With the new Micro build a figure will we see Rocket Raccoon with Guardians of the Galaxy? That’s a save bet.

What happened to the Fing Fang Foom figure teased last year? On hold till they find a slot for him? He was almost the exclusive at SDCC this year, but they were still working on their Avengers plan. Didn’t think they could sell both large items this year.

MU Mysterio – is there a head sculpt under the helmet? You have to wait till you get the figure.

Will you revisit some of the first waves of MU with the new bodies/tooling available now? Yeas. That is possible.

Build-A-Figure – what happened to the Stryfe BAF shown last year? Stryfe was never a BAF. Waiting for him to be on a new, better, bigger body like the new Sentry body.

What’s the chance of seeing ab-crunch back on females? Not in the plan right now, Still looking at the new Moonstone body.

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