Exclusive information from our man on the ground Jason at SDCC 2012.  Jason got a chance to speak with one of the designers from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe Toy Lines.  You can check Jason out over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Makemine/.


Here is what Jason found out.

We are going to have Marvel Universe past 2014 (at least).

We can look to see some possible Marvel Legends Wrecking Crew news released today at the 4PM PST panel.

The White Anti-Venom will be released as part of a later Spider-Man line.

Hasbro is looking to tweak scale on a lot of Marvel Legends characters like Iron Man.

Jason went on to tell Hasbro that the collective wants BAFs not figure stands with their Legends figures!  He was told a note would be made of that.

There was also discussion about Stryfe…he was scrapped because they wanted to re-do the design.

More news is planned for the 4PM PST panel, stay tuned!



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