This site has been up for a few weeks now, and I think that we’ve done at least an okay job of keeping up with most of the major Marvel / Comic related news circulating. However, the reason for this site really hasn’t been touched upon quite yet, until now.  We are here for the figures, the wonderful, new plastic smelling, Hasbro Marvel Universe figures.  I can’t think of a better way to kick off figure reviews than with the newest, hottest, most exclusive Marvel Masterworks Sentinel 2011 SDCC Exclusive (in purple and dark purple).

I was unfortunately unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2011.  However, thanks to some eBay friends, I was able to procure a Sentinel at a reasonable  price.  Shipping was a little on the heavy side, but when it showed up, I learned the reason for that quite directly (image ).

The packaging box this behemoth showed up in must have carried a car before it got re-assigned to Sentinel duty.  Just for a quick reference on scale as to the size of the packaging, I have gone ahead and done an actual life-size comparison.

In fairness, and as something I’m greatly thankful for, the actual figure is nowhere near the magnitude in size that the packaging portrays.  It works out to be a few inches shorter than the previous year’s Galactus Masterworks, if for no other reason it lacks the pope sized helmet.


The articulation on this beast is nothing short of exceptional. The head turns and swivels, the arms rotate at the shoulders and the shoulders allow the arms to be raised, you can rotate the area between the shoulder and elbow, bend at the elbow, the wrists spin 360 degrees, the hands spin about 80 degrees, the torso will spin at the waist. The legs appear to be ball and socket joints that allow the legs to rotate 360 degrees.  These joints also allow for forward and back motion of the legs (to kick / swing).  The legs bend at the knee, and there is an additional 360 degrees of motion just below the knee.  There is a very limited tilt range of motion in the ankles.

With a lot of the 3.75 figures, the paint apps are pretty hit and miss. However, so far as I have found, the paint apps on these Masterworks monsters is spot on. Clean lines, and excellent finishing mark this highly detailed figure.  There is also good attention to detail on the shoulder pads and ankles where you can see battle scarring.

The Sentinel boasts a cache of catch phrases played by pressing the button exposed on his chest piece. The voice / playback are powered by 3 triple A batteries. These batteries must be installed by unlatching his rubber back plate, and unscrewing a screw. Unfortunately, getting the back plate piece back together is really the only mark I have against this figure. It’s a tab A / slot B setup, but it is made out of thin rubber, and and I’m not confident that this will hold for multiple battery changes.  The clasp point isn’t dissimilar to the Galactus piece, but it doesn’t feel as sturdy.  The Sentinel spouts the following 18 Mutant-Hating phrases:
Destroy Alpha level mutant detected
Stop Halt mutant
Sentinel Under Attack Sentinel power core breached
Laser sound effect Purge power core
Halt hated mutant Beta level mutant detected
System breach System meltdown
Power core failure in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Mutant life-form detected
Ejecting power core X-Men must be detained
Halt SFX – Mutant detected
In addition to the phrases, the eyes of the Sentinel light up. In comparison, Galactus has 11 phrases, but the whole head does light up (for the most part).

I know I touched on packaging in the intro to this article, however it bares repeating. The box is giant, the blister card is also massive. The artwork is outstanding and highly detailed on both the box and blister card. I’m a loose collector. Future reviews will likely not include information on packaging, at least, future reviews of past releases. However I will absolutely be holding on to the packaging of the Sentinel. It’s huge and will take up a lot of space in the attic, but it’s great, and on the bright side, it’s not very thick.

Hasbro has put together a killer package here. The box / art is great, the figure is great, and massive. I know this isn’t something that will likely end up in your 2 year olds hands, but even if it does, they’ll have a blast with it. It has a button and can pose in all sorts of ways…kids like that, or so I’ve been told. The item was available for the duration of SDCC on location, and again at the online Hasbro Toy Shop ( for about 5 hours on Tuesday 7/27. This iteration is tentatively no longer available. Between now and 8/05/11 we will see an alternate version of this figure on sale at Toys R Us and online. The paint application is silver and purple instead of dark purple and purple, depicting a more modern era Sentinel. For me and my money though, I grew up with this purple on purple sentinel, and it’s a shame if Hasbro doesn’t release a version to retail (with scaled down packaging). It was said at the Hasbro panel at SDCC 2011 that they were heavily considering releasing this to the general public, so we should all cross our fingers! For now, you can pre-order the modern era Sentinel (which will receive it’s own review when I get it, here:

Or pay a little more and get the SDCC Sentinel here:






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