It’s been a turbulent time in the Hulk universe leaving readers tenuous over what is to happen to their favorite big green monster since the announcement that the “Incredible Hulks” and Greg Pak’s Hulk storyline would end this fall.  Add to that the fact that he’s parading around in Fear Itself as an Asgardian empowered bad guy.  Fans don’t have a good way of knowing if the Hulk would be able to make it out of that alive…until now.

There will be a new volume of Incredible Hulk in October of 2011 by new writer Jason Aaron.  Aaron will also be launching Wolverine and the X-Men in October.  Art for the series by Marc Silvestri.

The new Hulk series will find it self out of the events of Fear Itself with hulk on the run after his world wide rampages in Fear Itself.  Hulk will square off against Bruce Banner in October.  Yep, I said that. Don’t miss it.

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