Fantastic news from San Diego this weekend.  Hasbro held their Marvel Panel on Saturday.  They gave us a ton of news about a ton of new figures adding to the Marvel Universe toy line (3 3/4). They also gave us a roster for the relaunch of Marvel Legends (6 inch).  The lineups are listed below and are in addition to the already announced Marvel Universe wave 16 featuring Magneto, Absorbing Man (and variant), Astonishing Wolverine, Helmetless Iron Man, and Ice Man.  Images can be seen here:
Cool Toy Review – MU 1
Cool Toy Review – Hasbro 1

Marvelous News 1
Marvelous News 2
Marvelous News 3

Marvel Universe:

Wave 17 (December 2011)
Shadowlands Daredevil
Age of Thunder Thor
White Iron Fist
Astonishing X-Men Storm

Wave 18
Astonishing X-Men Beast
Ultimate Spider-Man (expect a variant)
Beta Ray Bill

Wave 19
Scarlet Witch
Future Foundation Spider-Man (expect a variant)

Wave 20

No associated line, but announced.

Marvel Masterworks
Fin Fang Foom (orange?)

Greatest Battles and Secret Wars Two Packs
Daredevil and Bullseye
Juggernaut (no helmet) and Colossus
Mr. Sinister and Gambit
Moon Knight and Ant Man

There were also hints at Professor X, Modok, and Peter Parker. As well, a confirmation of a running change on the Fantastic Four Team Pack that will turn Reed, Sue, and the Thing into the Future Foundation.

Hasbro was quoted as saying “There isn’t a character we can’t make (with a few extreme exceptions)”.

 Marvel Legends

 Wave 1 (January 2012)
Steve Rogers
Extremis Iron Man (and Stealth Variant)
Ghost Rider (Blue flame and orange variant)
Thor Reborn
BAF – Terrax

Wave 2
Bucky Captain America
The Wrecking Crew
Madame Masque / Madame Hydra
Drax (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Big-Time Spider-Man
BAF – Arnim Zola (and Red Skull Zola variant)

Main stream characters such as Iron Man and Thor will not have a BAF piece packaged with them so that collectors won’t have to purchase twice just for the piece.  Wave 2 appears to be a collection of standard and running change figures (of completely different characters, ex: Thunderball will become Piledriver).

My wallet can wait, so can my wife. I personally however, can totally not contain myself.  NOVA in 2012!!

Once I get my standard line Nova, my custom Nova will be put up as a giveaway.


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