Not everyone has the luxury of jet setting half way across the country to attend America’s greatest Comic Convention, San Diego 2011…myself included.   However, I happy to be fairly good at “The Internet” and I have decided to take it upon myself to collect some of the highlights that I’ve observed over the past two days to share with friends and web neighbors.

Day 1

Superman has been pushed to 2013.  Not sure if this is bad or good news. Going on the last attempt, I will say good news.

The villain for the new Wolverine movie was let slip by Hugh Jackman – we will get to know the Silver Samurai.  Excellent chance to execute a rich storyline!

The Hasbro Marvel Universe Toy Line gets an EXPLOSIVE refresh this year and going forward announcing over 20 new action figures including: Maskless Iron Man, Ultimate Magneto, Gambit, Mr. Sinister, Adam Warlock, Psylocke, X23, Shadowlands Daredevil, and a ton more, check them all out at our friends site, Cool Toy Review here –

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate was officially announced boasting an epic addition of 12 new Marvel and Capcom characters including Nova (Prime), Dr. Strange, Rocket Racoon, Ghost Rider, and the well loved Strider.

Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) acquired rights to put out a new Heavy Metal movie and a new live action Fire and Ice film.

We saw a new release date for the Dredd movie, 9/12/12.

Voltron is coming to the big screen brought to us by our friends at Relativity and Atlas.

Lego picked up the Marvel license and they will be putting out some great Marvel themed toys in the not too far term.

The Avengers Academy is moving coasts and getting some new students, have a look here –

The Captain America Avenger’s movie costume debuted, and it looks outstanding, have a look here –

Beavis and Butt Head are making a come back! –

News from the Dexter panel tells us that our favorite murderer is going to spend the next season searching for a higher power…. –

Dinobots will be coming to Transformers Prime (Hub) –

Marvel is going same day digital in November!!!! –

Game of Thrones news, George Martin will be happy if they can make it to / through A Storm of Swords and get to show something he refers to as the RW.  I know what that is, I read the book, you should too!

Microsoft has made me lose my damned mind! An R2D2 Xbox 360?!?!?! WHAAT? It beeps and boops!

Day 2 – Alot slower than day 1 and I’ll probably need to update this after I watch Attack of the Show (G4TV)

In September, Marvel will be replacing Heroes for Hire with Villains for Hire.

As it turns out, the Star Wars Blu-Ray set is going to be boasting far more than we originally expected with even more! deleted scenes than originally announced.

More from far far away from the show floor as it pops up. Check back here and follow up articles.  If you think I missed something, send us an email, put it in the comments, or post it in the forums.

I know I missed a lot of things.

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