In news totally unrelated to comics but exceptionally near and dear to my heart and the hearts of so many of my close friends and family, Rock Band (360, PS3, Wii) will be closing up the doors of new music for it’s Rock Band Music Store on 4/2.  This isn’t news, this has been happening for some time.

Suddenly though, it’s close enough to be very real.  For so many years I thought nothing of ‘next weeks release’.  I would read their forums every Friday morning with anticipation of what new tracks would be available the following Tuesday.  I don’t even get to to do that next Friday. I already know what’s coming.

At Penny Arcade’s East Coast gaming convention this week, Harmonix brass announced that Rock Band’s swan song will be what it always should have been, Don McLean’s American Pie.  Not the whimpy 4 minute version that found it’s way into so many music games, but the real deal “My dad loves this song, so now I do too!” 8+ minute long version.  The day the music died indeed.

I know this isn’t pertinent to all of our readers, but for so many years, just being able to pull the guitars out of the closet, the mics, the mic stands, always invited at least a mildly magical evening whether it was just my wife and I, or a gaggle of our closest friends and family.

So Tuesday, 4/2, pick up some virtual dollar credits, fire up the console and have one last magical moment with Rock Band.  Look up Blatant Chowder (band name), while your online and see just how poor our long standing scores are.

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