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Guardians of the Galaxy #18 is set to show us what happened to Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Rich Rider (Nova) in the Cancerverse!

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They also have an interview with Brian Michael Bendis about the upcoming issue.

The Guardians of the Galaxy may be stationed in the far reaches of space, but the shockwaves of the Watcher’s death will ripple outwards from Earth—and threaten to rip the ragtag team apart!

Team leader Star-Lord has spearheaded this new Guardians initiative while keeping one very important piece of information all to himself. Now, the truth behind his escape from death’s clutches will come to light, and his teammates might not be happy about what they learn.

Peter Quill’s survival story will be revealed in this August’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #18, an issue that teams regular writer Brian Michael Bendis with artist Ed McGuinness. We spoke with Bendis about the upcoming tie-in to find out what’s in store for Marvel’s cosmic crusaders! This tie-in deals with the Cancerverse, the alternate reality where readers last saw Peter Quill before his return. Were you waiting for this event to reveal what happened in there?

Brian Michael Bendis: We were. Original Sin has been planned for years, so I was very aware that this would be the perfect place to unveil this storyline. I know waiting for this was frustrating for some longtime readers, but every story comes at its own time GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5 dropped a lot of hints about the book’s future, including Captain Marvel joining and the crossover with ALL-NEW X-MEN. How far ahead are you planning? Have you dropped any hints already about what happened in the Cancerverse?

Guardians of the Galaxy #18 cover by Ed McGuinness


Brian Michael Bendis: We have literally been dropping hints since the Guardians guest-starred in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. I have known exactly what we were doing with this from the moment I agreed to do the book, but I thought it would be best to slow burn the reveal and get any potential new readers—which I am so happy that we have so many—involved in this story, which they may not have read during the previous GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY run. Now, not only does this reveal answer a question for diehard readers, it also tells something about the characters to the newer readers. Will any of the other Guardians have any secrets exposed?

Brian Michael Bendis: Yes. Peter Quill wasn’t the only character to disappear in the Cancerverse. Is there any chance of us finding out what happened to Rich Rider, aka Nova, in this storyline?

Brian Michael Bendis: Absolutely. A one hundred percent yes. The Guardians’ ranks are growing with Captain Marvel and Venom. Are they playing a role in these tie-ins?

Guardians of the Galaxy #18 cover by Alex Ross


Brian Michael Bendis: This particular story involves Gamora and Peter Quill. It’s about their relationship and what the secret means to their friendship and partnership; but there is a lot going on with Captain Marvel and Venom, don’t you worry. What’s it like working with Ed McGuinness on this story?

Brian Michael Bendis: I’m so excited to work with him. For years [writer] Jeph Loeb would not let anybody near Ed. He brings a very powerful dynamic and an almost Kirby like ambience to the entire production. This is a very larger-than-life story with a very larger-than-life cast of characters, so Ed is the perfect candidate.

Read ORIGINAL SIN #1 this week, then learn Peter Quill’s secrets beginning in August with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #18


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