We’ve got a ton of figures to get through and I know I did the FF Doom / FF Black Spider-Man yesterday, and bag head the day before…but let’s power through it and finish up with Spider-Man so we can get on to less re-done things.

The Good:
Rhino –

  • Held against the previous Spider-Man line release, the colors look more accurate to me, the face has better detail but doesn’t look as vicious.
  • Because this Rhino doesn’t have armor, he doesn’t have armor that won’t stay on.

Spidey –  

  • If you missed the wave 5 Black and Red Spider-Man, this is your chance to fix that problem.
  • There is a difference between W5 and this SM for the better.  This Black and Red Spider-Man has the cut hip joints from a more civilized age.

The Bad:
Rhino –

  • Rhino comes without armor this time around.
  • If you have the Spider-Man line Rhino there is no reason to bother with this one.  The mold is exactly the same, and while the paint is a little bit better, you can save your cost of admission for a 2-pack with figures you don’t have.
  • Rhino still isn’t very good at standing without a stand while most other larger size figures are.

Spidey –

  • It’s Spider-Man….again.
  • When held up against Bag Head and the FF Spider-Man, Spidey on this buck really shows why it’s not that great.  He’s gone from feeling substantial to feeling frail again.

The Rest:

Complete-ists will want this, cherry pickers probably already have both of these figures.  If you missed Rhino in the SM line or Spidey here is your chance.  It’s tough to be motivated to say more about 2-4 year old figures with minor upgrades if any, and for that, I apologize.  We’ve got a ton of great pictures though!


The Pictures:

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