It is with a very heavy heart that I bring you this news.  An exceptional talent has left this world today.  Dale, the mastermind, the creator, The Riddler behind Total Toyz Customs has passed away after a battle with cancer.

Dale was a good friend to and a good friend to me.  I stumbled on one of his pieces on eBay so long ago, a custom Yondu action figure.  It wasn’t until some time after I bought that figure that Dale and I began our friendship.  We spent a good deal of time discussing the history of comics, and I have never met anyone with the incredible depth of encyclopedic knowledge on any subject, let along comic books.  Dale would excitedly start teasing me about what new customs he had coming out for the weekend early every week.  He’d hit me with absurdly vague questions like, “Ok, this character had a car”.  He was always genuinely disappointed, when I invariably, never knew the answer to any of his questions, but he was always excited to try to stump me anyway.  Though I never knew the answers to his riddles, I always enjoyed taking blind stabs in the dark and failing miserably.

Dale’s attention to detail in his custom figures was amazing.  He had a gift for being able to look at a comic book page from 1967 and bring that character to life, just as he appeared on the page.  His figures were unlike any other I have ever, or will ever own.

Dale’s memory will live on in my collection and in the collection of so many others that were able to pick up his outstanding custom figures.  I will always treasure each figure from my first (Yondu), to the last, The In-Betweener.

MUReview will miss you Dale, all of your friends in comic and figure groups will miss you, and I will miss you.  Rest in peace old friend.

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