Precision RBS Chiron

At Toy Fair, MUReview and the litlgeeks fell in love with the awesome Precision RBS rubber band launching guns.  It was one of our favorites from the show!  Fast forward a few months and we are thrilled to be able to let the litlgeeks share the Chiron model from Precision RBS and Super Impulse Toys with you!



The Good

  • Loading is so easy!  Hook a rubber band on the front hook, pull it back past the hammer hook, pull to one side and rest it on the back of the hammer.  Rotate the hammer down to load your next rubber band,  It will load up to 12!
  • Three guns in one!  Out of the box you get the Chiron, a near rifle sized launcher.  Break it apart to two smaller guns, one hand launcher and the Telos (hand gun model).
  • Value, incredible value.   The highest end Precision RBS model, the Hyperion is under $30.  Every model comes with more than enough rubber bands in different sizes to keep you shooting forever… and when you run out…who doesn’t have rubber bands?
  • Speaking of value, if you work in an office…that has office supplies…and rubber bands are those supplies…you see where I’m going with this right?
  • Accurate!  We found most bands we shot to go at least 30 feet ACCURATELY.  They traveled further after that.

The Bad

  • This thing is seriously awesome, the only downside is that we don’t have every model (yet!)

The rest

While the litlgeeks have some fun in the video, we don’t recommend you shoot people.  The rubber bands are very soft, and unless you get hit very close up it probably won’t even sting, but you remember what mom always said, “you’ll shoot your eye out!”


All three models are available now and you should go buy them immediately!!!




MUReview received these products for free.

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