When things in life come full circle, sometimes, it’s pretty cool.  I grew up on Voltron.  It hit in a sweet spot of childhood for me, and I’ve heard the theme song in my head for going on 30 years now.  5 amazing lions, 5 daring adventurers, one giant valiant robot.  It had everything I wanted.  I watched it, I loved it, I introduced my kids to it, and they liked it, but maybe were a bit young when I introduced them.  But now,  in their sweet spot of growing geek love, falls Netflix Voltron.  The show is outstanding and the litlgeeks love it.  We watch it together, and I love it.  Not sure if you knew this, but we had a look at some of the toys earlier this year, you might enjoy a re-watch.  All that said Playmates is supporting Netflix Voltron with even more incredible toys to launch with season 3 starting August 4th!   This go round, DIECAST LIONS!!!!  If there is one toy so close to my heart it’s actually in it, it’s my diecast Voltron…to be able to put this new style, Netflix Voltron next to it?!?!?  I should stop writing, I need to save some for the review, but oh my goodness we can’t wait.  Read on for the official release.

In timing with the release of Season 3 on Netflix on August 4th, Playmates Toys is introducing the Voltron Metal Defender Collection.  …you need it.:

Voltron Metal Defender Collection

  • Voltron fans can add to their collection with this assortment of Voltron figures from Playmates Toys in premium diecast.
  • Assortment includes highly detailed and fully articulated figures of the Blue, Red, Black, Green, and Yellow Lions.
  • Collect all five diecast lions to combine to form an 8-inch articulated Voltron figure.
  • The Black Lion transforms into the head and torso, the Red Lion transforms into the right arm, the Green Lion transforms into the left arm, the Blue Lion transforms into the right leg and the Yellow Lion transforms into the left leg of the 8-inch Voltron figure.
  • The detailed figures were first available from Toys“R”Us at San Diego Comic Con in July and are available at mass retailers nationwide beginning in August.
  • $14.99 for each lion
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