Check out this nifty eBay auction.  It doesn’t deceive, for sale there is the unreleased Phoenix 5 Cyclops 6″ Marvel Legends figure.  Cyclops was supposed to be released as part of the Wolverine line as a running change (swap) and up till now all assumed it was entirely canceled (for now).  You never know with Hasbro though, and they didn’t actually say it was canceled, it’s assumed.

Phoenix 5 Cyclops on eBay

2 Phonix_5_Cyclops_01__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_03__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_04__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_05__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_06__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_07__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_08__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_09__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_10__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_11__scaled_600 Phonix_5_Cyclops_12__scaled_600

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