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Sculptor Randy Bowen Explains Why Release Dates Are Not Carved In Polystone

A little background, when a collectible statue or bust is given a release date, if all goes according to plan, the item hits the shops on or about that date, pre-orders are fulfilled and everyone is happy. Often though, the stated release date gets pushed back and then promised shipping dates are broken. I then contact those that have bought these items to let them know their item will not only be late, but I don’t know why it was delayed or when it will be released. Understandably the customer is upset. When I’m asked, “why the item is delayed” and I don’t have an answer other than “I don’t know,” I usually am met with an uneasy okay and the customer agrees to wait. Some cancel their order and I have been accused of attempting to pull a “bait and switch” or holding the product to sell it for more to someone else. For the record, I do not do business that way.

Last week, I posted a message on the Past Generation Toys Facebook page, asking for the public’s thoughts on why delivery dates for newly released statues and busts change. Several answers were given and now I wanted to know how close we were.  I deal with this problem across the board, with all the companies that make high-end collectibles. This got me to thinking that their must be a reason why statues and busts get delayed, so often.  I wanted to speak with someone who does know.  Then in hit me.  Why not go to the source?  I carry Bowen Designs products; why not try to contact the man who turns imagination into art?  I’ll contact Mr. Randy Bowen, I thought!  So I did and he was happy to answer a few questions about this dilemma. In case you don’t already know, Randy Bowen is a very well respected statue and bust sculptor and the CEO and Owner of Bowen Designs.  I boiled down my concerns to two simple questions.  Below is the exchange held with Randy:


Why do shipping delays happen with Bowen Designs Products?




Shipping delays happen for several reasons:


Here’s the process-


Once we have an approved and painted prototype, we show it to the factories to get a price quote, and an estimate for completion.


Most factories will quote 4-5 months from the time we send them the master copies to make molds from.  We then pad the schedule by adding 3-4 months for unforeseen delays.


Then 4-5 months go by, and we the factories samples don’t match what we send them.  Then the piece needs to be revised.  Before you know it, another 4-5 months go by.  Thus, making the project late.


Sometimes we’ll get a final production sample, only to find that the production looks nothing like the last sample they’ve sent.  The factory will then need to open every package to make the changes to the entire run, adding more weeks.


Add to that, the fact that sometimes our shipments are pulled for intensive inspection by U.S. or Chinese Customs Departments. This alone can add weeks.


Other times we’ll post picture of a piece, showing what the actual production looks like.  Only then to find out that someone spots a mistake on the shape of Spider-Man’s eye, Hulk having nipples or any number of “mistakes”.  We’ll stop production, and need to get the item back to make changes before production commences again.


Recently we’ve had to take projects away from factories that had them in their possession for several months with nothing to show for progress.  That means starting over completely, with a different statue factory.
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