One:12 Collective Mr. Spock (Preview Edition)
One hundred billion thank yous to our friends over at Mezco.  While couldn’t attend what turned out to be an epic display at their pre-Toy Fair 2016 event, they held on to a really awesome gift for us.  A preview of the One:12 Collective Mr. Spock action figure, given out, exclusively (as far as I’m aware) at that event!  I was very  happy to get some time with Pierre and a great walk through of the Mezco booth at Toy Fair.  That walk through ended with this amazing gift.  A gift that, well, I gave to my dad, because he loves Star Trek and this figure is amazing.  But first, I opened it, and I’m happy to share what I learned with all of you!

The Good

  • This is my first real close up, hands on with a One:12 Collective figure.  This is astonishing.  It is beautiful,
  • The clothing feels like legitimate actual clothing.  Have a look at some of the close up shots.  The fabric is artfully stitched and exceptionally true to the original TV series.
  • Mr. Spock’s face is undeniably Spock.  I have had to do double takes though, seeing Leonard Nimoy as a young man again…Just how much Zachary Quinto looks like him, it’s a little bit of a mind twist.
  • The consistency of the face looks almost 3D printed.  Consider this my question to Mezco…is this a mold? Or a 3D print?  It looks remarkable.
  • This Mr. Spock is not the official release and did not include any accessories.  However, I am glad that the hands included showed off Spock’s iconic hand gesture on his right hand.
  • Included stand allows for an incredible array of action poses.
  • Figure articulation also allows for support of, just an outstanding amount of action poses.  I never considered Spock all that actiony…but you can go for broke here!


The rest

This is a preview edition action figure.  When the final comes to market, Mr. Spock will come with a multitude of different accessories and swap-able pieces, heads, hands, outfit additions, weapons, etc….  If you love action figures.  Get this.  If you love Star Trek, this is an absolute must own.  Further…Mezco will be bringing to market Kirk, Sulu, a Captains chair!! These should be on your 2016 radar and in your 2016 budget.  Spock opens the door at $70.  For what he costs, what you get is just a mind boggling value proposition that you can’t ignore!


Look for the One:12 Collective Mr. Spock between April and May of 2016.  You can check out all that is included here, but he’s sold out at Mezco.


MUReview received these products for free.

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