We know MUReview to be a long time reporter of all things Marvel and Hasbro, but there are other things out there for sure…like Mattel, and DC.

Mattel was kind enough to book an appointment with us for a booth walk through at NY Toy Fair 2012.  It was there that we learned we missed the boat pretty hard core by not getting to the Matty Collector event.  We didn’t really know what it was, heard about it only in whispers, and color us rookies, we will get there for you next year.  We learned that really, that event is going to show off what we all want to see.  Hardcore DC collector stuff, Voltron …and I really can’t even get past Voltron.

However, at the booth walk through we saw a few interesting things, namely their new Apptivity line up of toys, but head on over to http://www.geekdadlife.com to check out details on Apptivity because that stuff really belongs there.

Check out below for our images of the Mattel booth as well as the press photos we were provided.

Please accept my apologies for not getting to the collector event for you this year, won’t happen again!


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