MUReview is honored to be once again included in the happenings at Hasbro for NYCC 2017.  This year, things went down a little differently than in years past for Hasbro.  With HASCON being only a few weeks ago really, keeping it low key made a lot of sense.  Hasbro managed to do that, but really gave great insight to Marvel at Hasbro and where the lines are today, as well as where they are going.  

The highlights as always are the reveals, and we had some cool ones.

  • First look at Mr. Fantastic
  • Gladiator
  • Jamie Madrox / Multiple Man
  • Spider-Man Noir
  • Prowler
  • Task Master
  • The (triumphant) return of Mighty Muggs!  Now with head click / face spin action.  They are launching with an obscene amount of characters across Marvel and Star Wars, check out the images for more!

That said, I did my best to record the whole event for you.  There was some fairly insane construction going on, so I hope you folks can hear things.  If it gets too much though, scroll past the video and check out not only shots from the table in the room, but…BUT!!! Official, MEGA FANCY! Press images!  Thank you again to Hasbro and the Marvel brand team for having us down, it is always a pleasure to hang out with you folks.  It should be noted, before you watch the video.  MUReview was in the room with 6 other media outlets.  Many of the questions asked were not ours, many of the statements and opinions put forth were not ours.  The video features Marvel Brand Team, Bobby Vala, Jeff Labovitz, and Ryan Ting.  We join the video with the conversation already in progress, and it cuts off a little early.  If you are listening for my voice, you’ll first hear utter goofyness at about 7:30.  


After the video, before the pictures…a few quick notes.

  • I held Mysterio in my hand.  We were told that his helmet was glued on.  Looking through it…his head looked like mush…so let’s soo how that pans out / changes.
  • Watching the Black Panther Jet / Mech transform, pretty cool.
  • The Wolverine and Black Panther 12 inch look sick in package.
  • The Hydra 2-pack and Medusa Walgreens are hitting stores now.  
  • The Deadpool Rainbow pack will be an early 2018 release.
  • The Riders are coming….
  • Hasbro will probably not ever make an in scale Ego (planet version) (because Bobby says it will be the size of Times Square) (still want it).
  • More talk of a hover chair…break out the petition!!!
  • Pictures! …much better than mine – press shots first, then mine.


Legends Press Images

Mighty Muggs Press Images


MUReview Images

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