**Updated** You can check out live blog details below pictures of this fantastic panel!  

Welcome friends to the absolute latest NYCC panel I have ever attended. But welcome also, to my first ever, since I’ve been going in 2011, Diamond Select Toys NYC C Panel!

Long has MUReview and litlgeeks considered Diamond Select Toys friends. Long have we been big fans of the amazing products that they bring to market, Minimates, Vinimates, Selects, Gallery Statues, Premium Statues, bust banks and more. Well, tonight, yes, we are really stoked to be able to bring you coverage from their 2017 NYCC Panel.

Presiding over the moderator duties, Zach Oat, freakin super hero. And!  We’re gonna live blog this…. so sit back and check it out.. Pictures will be uploaded later.


DJ October 6, 20178:56 pm

Thats all folks, check back for images and links! Thanks DST!

DJ October 6, 20178:55 pm

Big reveal, Marvel Animated Minimates Walgreens, first mates based on the new Spidey cartoon and Avengers ASsemble. Oof I missed a picture. they are out 12/1. Red Hulk, Cap Marvel, Hulkbuster Captain America, check the images.

DJ October 6, 20178:54 pm

Series 25 is coming, Negative Zone Zpidey, Chameleon can turn into MAry Jane, Beetle, Jack O Lantern, Spider Armor Spidey, Spider Sense Spidey.

DJ October 6, 20178:54 pm

Series 24 at Tyos R Us with Collector, Gwenpool and more.

DJ October 6, 20178:53 pm

X-Men Vs ?Brotherhood Box Set, Toad, Quicksilver, Marvel Girl and prof X in his wheelchair. Xavier turns into Mastermind. There will not be a Defenders Box set, but there will be a series 75 which is all Defenders inspired. Ghostrider, Daredevil, Jessica Jones with Purple Man.

DJ October 6, 20178:52 pm

Series 74 Marvel Minimates coming soon, Old Man Logan with Spider girl, Planet Hulk with Red King, Hydra Cap and Iron Heart, Surtur with Thor.

DJ October 6, 20178:52 pm

Marvel bottle opener, Hydra logo.

DJ October 6, 20178:51 pm

The next retro set will be a multi outfitted Deadpool, Marvel Now, Pirate Costume too!

DJ October 6, 20178:51 pm

Mighty Thor and Planet Hulk Hulk are out now (comic).

DJ October 6, 20178:51 pm

Ragnarok Selects, Thor and Hulk are early 2018.

DJ October 6, 20178:50 pm

Black Panther reveal will be soon. Drax and Star-Lord with Rocket, Groot, coming by end of year.

DJ October 6, 20178:50 pm

Spider-Man Homecoming busts are coming. Milestones statues too, Doc Strange,Cap, Iron Man, $205 pricing. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Spider-Gwen Selects all coming soon.

DJ October 6, 20178:49 pm

Premiere gets Iron Man, Spider Gwen, Psylocke, Venom Capm Spider-Man, Deadpool, Cable. Moon Knight…is insanse. Domino will also be coming to link with Cable and Deadpool bases.

DJ October 6, 20178:48 pm

Thor Ragnarok gets PVC of Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, Homecoming Spidey all coming. Hulk is a little more at 50.

DJ October 6, 20178:48 pm

Marvel Gallery – Daredevil, Silk, Guardians of the Galaxy. Defenders will get their own PVC dios, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Elektra, then Defenders “based” Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones Throwing a punch, and Daredevil in an action pose.

DJ October 6, 20178:47 pm

Cthulu is getting Vinimates, Dark Cthulu will be at Toys R Us. Regular version at comic shops and specialty stores.

DJ October 6, 20178:46 pm

Predator gets more Minimates, Toys R Us exclusive assortment, Dutch and Dillon Mission briefing, each come with a Predator, Hive PRedator, Nightstorm Predator, Nikolai, Jungle Predator. Muddy Dutch and cloaked predator Vinimates.

DJ October 6, 20178:45 pm

Alien gets a vinyl bust bank from Alien Covenant, it’s coming, as is a Vinimate.

DJ October 6, 20178:44 pm

Classic TV series, Batgirl vinyl bank, resin Robin statue is just around the corner.

DJ October 6, 20178:44 pm

Superman TAS gets a Brainiac and Darkseid bust and a Superman vinyl bank.

DJ October 6, 20178:44 pm

Flash will be the next PVC dio.

DJ October 6, 20178:43 pm

Wonder Woman Bust is coming, Doomsday, Flash!

DJ October 6, 20178:43 pm

Batman Beyond gets an old Bruce bust, PVC Dio of Batman Beyond too!

DJ October 6, 20178:43 pm

Batman TAS – one more resin bust coming up, more in the pipeline. Harley Deluxe looks amazing.

DJ October 6, 20178:42 pm

Licensing is at the heart of the discussion for Universal Monsters and it’s a little dicey.

DJ October 6, 20178:40 pm

Next question – more universal monsters? Yes, they are thinking about that again, new sculpts. They have been working on it. They stopped licensing the Monsters for a while, they are hoping that changes and they can do more.

DJ October 6, 20178:39 pm

Toys R Us is opening their new collector section and DST is a good fit.

DJ October 6, 20178:39 pm

Nothing has changed so far, they will see what their interested in for their next quarter meeting.

DJ October 6, 20178:38 pm

Next question – Whats going on with Toys R Us right now has that changed your concerns? (paraphrased).

DJ October 6, 20178:38 pm

Crowd question – what other franchise would you like to get to eventually. They’d love Star Wars, but that’s never gonna happen. They’d love to do more DC stuff. They are working on a license now for action figures and Minimates, they hope people will like it.

DJ October 6, 20178:36 pm

Gotham Series 4 is shown and is out now. If you want to make Series 5 happen, we gotta buy it! Toys R Us has it without dio pieces.

DJ October 6, 20178:35 pm

Elf is getting a 4 pack of Vinimates, Buddy and Jovi are out now.

DJ October 6, 20178:35 pm

Beetlejuice Minimates are coming. Box set for speciualty stores, Toys R Us gets an exclusive 2 pack with Otho!

More Vinimates, Adam, Barbara, Cowbow Beetljuice, and tux Beetlejuice.

DJ October 6, 20178:34 pm

Vinimates for NBX – regular pumpkin king is coming to comic shops.

DJ October 6, 20178:33 pm

NBX Specialty four is out now, Corpse Boy, devil, Mermaid, Oogie Boogie, Series 5 coming out by Xmas too Corpse mom and dad, santa, mayor, two vampires, Toys R Us gets the wave in some glow versions.

DJ October 6, 20178:33 pm

Jack S PVC Dio on display, $45 in scale with sally, also doing resin busts.

DJ October 6, 20178:32 pm

Series 5 and 6 are in the works for NBX select 2018. The cloth line continues with Santa, Zero too.

DJ October 6, 20178:32 pm

Exclusives out now,m Walgreens Books a Million and Spencers all have different Jacks available now.

DJ October 6, 20178:31 pm

The next pieces of dio come with Behemoth and Zero to build the fountain (need 6 figures from 3 waves to build).

DJ October 6, 20178:30 pm

Nightmare Before Xmas series 3 is out now, Santa, Elf, Lock Stock and Barrel, Pumpkin King (comes with a big piece of dio from town square).

DJ October 6, 20178:30 pm

Vinimates for Ghostbusters, Stay Puft, Slimer, Gozer.

DJ October 6, 20178:29 pm

Series 8 is grey suit peter, winston and slime blower Ray, Series 9. and 10…The Real Ghostbusters. You will need these figures to build the firehouse doors.

DJ October 6, 20178:28 pm

The doors dio looks amazing, the sign is interchangeable to be from GB1 or GB2.

DJ October 6, 20178:28 pm

Ghostbusters 2, series 6, Ray Vego and Lewis in gear. Series 7, slimeblower Winston, Janosh Poha, Egon. Oscar the Baby is included. Janosh won’t be at Toys R Us, they will get a Terror Dog.

DJ October 6, 20178:27 pm

Ghostbusters series 1 is out now with the whole rooftop dio, this encompasses series 1-5 actually.

DJ October 6, 20178:26 pm

A lot of stuff is numbered. If it’s numbered, it’s numbered.

DJ October 6, 20178:25 pm

Next question – regarding what do they do to mitigate the scenario where demand outpaces product. They try to go back. New Marvel figures are limited edition.

DJ October 6, 20178:24 pm

Will the dropship be done for the Alien line, with pilots, and will it be in scale with APC? “If we do it it won’t be in scale” also “it’s sculpted:. Toys R Us is interested in it.

Will there be anymore alien lines after Covenant – yes, alien resurrection and alien 3.

DJ October 6, 20178:23 pm

Will there be Pacific Rim Minimates? They are looking at Mini and Vinimates, TBD. They are looking.

DJ October 6, 20178:23 pm

We likely won’t see anything bigger than Avengers HQ for Cap Civil War.

DJ October 6, 20178:22 pm

Question from a man in a brown hat. “Do you have plans to build large scale dioramas?”? Next one is Ghostbusters doors, and it’s on display upstairs. There will be buildable dios in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill lines.

DJ October 6, 20178:21 pm

There is a lot of interest in this room for Kingdom Hearts. This is a good thing! Great game! Next question, more on characters available, we will see Pete, Chip N Dale, Roxus, Maleficient – maybe, Jafar – maybe. They are working out what characters the license includes.

DJ October 6, 20178:20 pm

Many different factors, logical pairings, retailer pairings. Next question – plans for figures for Kingdom Hearts 3 when that game comes out? Paraphrased answer – Birth By Sleep, but nothing on the slate specifically for KH3 yet.

DJ October 6, 20178:19 pm

Next question – “How do you choose figures in groups?” Paraphrased answer, size, cost, relevance, they try to keep it all inside the same price value. In terms of Minimates, what characters make sense together.

DJ October 6, 20178:17 pm

Next question, will they go back to the first movie Kaiju. No plans at this time.

DJ October 6, 20178:15 pm

Jean works in clay, works traditionally. “His” part of the industry is disappearing. The new guys aren’t able to get in with traditional backgrounds. I’m paraphrasing here obviously. He’s a traditional sculptor, I think he does some outstanding work. .

DJ October 6, 20178:14 pm

A little break for questions. Question regarding 3D printing and digital sculpting. Jean is answering, discussing the pitfalls and pluses.

DJ October 6, 20178:13 pm

Kingdom Hearts get Vinimates too! Mickey Donald Sora. Minimates too, Tron! Space Paranoids Donald!

DJ October 6, 20178:12 pm

Mickey has his keyblade exclusive to walgreens.

DJ October 6, 20178:12 pm

Walgreens will get single packs. Mickey with Pluto

DJ October 6, 20178:11 pm

Kingdom Hearts Select – 3 pack, Sora, Dusk and Soldier. Then Axle Mickey and Shadow. Toys R US will have 2 packs, Target will have a figure, as will Gamestop, check the images when they go up later.

DJ October 6, 20178:11 pm

Dark Tower also getting Gallery statues.

DJ October 6, 20178:10 pm

Vinimates Arkham Asylum figures next, then Dark Tower Select. fully articulated.

DJ October 6, 20178:10 pm

Wonder Woman, Joker, Superman, Neebor, Black Lantern Batman (Walgreens only)

DJ October 6, 20178:10 pm

WB shows get their own Vinimates, Flash, Captain Cold. Series 2 of DC Comic Vinimates is shown.

DJ October 6, 20178:09 pm

Walgreens will have Batman and Wonderoman Battle damage

Toys R ?Us gets some, Walgreens gets some. Wonder Woman (movie) has Vinimates too!

DJ October 6, 20178:09 pm

Vinimates gets Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman from the new movie.

DJ October 6, 20178:08 pm

CYbrog Flash and Aquaman also on display in the presentation.

DJ October 6, 20178:08 pm

DST is showing DC Gallery Justice League movie figures. Diorama pieces in the $45 price point gallery line. Superman is gonna hover.

DJ October 6, 20178:07 pm

16 points of articulation, interchangeable parts.

DJ October 6, 20178:07 pm

They are doing Kaiju, it’s on display at the booth, we took pictures, won’t be displayed here.

DJ October 6, 20178:07 pm

Several waves sculpted by Big Shot Toy Works, 24.99 in Select Scale.

DJ October 6, 20178:06 pm

Now, on to PAcific Rim Uprising, but they are going back and doing some original Rim figures.

DJ October 6, 20178:05 pm

Sculptor Jean St. Jean also on the panel, please forgive any spelling troubles.

DJ October 6, 20178:03 pm

We are waiting for the panel to start just now, so hang tight.

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