MUReview hearts them some NECA.  They bring a massive variety of products out for customers in all different collect / play patterns.  They are the masters of games with Heroclix, they have the market cornered on life-sized Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadpool statues, and they make some absolutely stunning action figures as well, from Super Heroes to Horror villains, if you are looking for incredibly toys to collect, NECA has you covered.

The highlight for us this year is the 18 or so inch tall Deadpool figure, tons of interchangeable pieces, tons of guns, plenty of swagger.  Everything you want in a chimichanga chompin lunatic!


The 1/4 scale line, Harley, Bats, gimmie!!



Give me giant figures, or give me death!


Five Nights At Freddy’s

The 3.5 foot tall Freddy figure…WANT!



HEROCLIX HEROCLIX HEROCLIX, and Dice Stars, Blank White Dice, Assault of the Titans, Tower of London….


The Rest

NECA covers so many bases, Rocky, Bill and Ted, Aliens, check out everything else that’s going on with NECA for 2016 / 2017!

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