Mezco makes The One:12 figures that are lighting the action figure world on fire.  They are perfect creations and the roster is expanding like banana fires.  Is that a thing?  Banana fires?  No idea…regardless, Mezco is blowing out the One:12 line to include a huge line up of Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Classic Horror Monsters.  And here is the thing, they keep getting better and better.  Every figure is better than the last…messed up right?

I didn’t get a chance to talk with anyone today, and I hope to tomorrow / before the show ends, but for tonight, let me share with you some of this exceptional Mezco goodness.


Red Skull, Captain America, Punisher, Daredevil, variant versions of each…get on this folks!



It almost doesn’t matter what else I say besides Darkseid!


DC Not One:12

I’m going back tomorrow and offering a limb for a Doctor Fate keychain.  That makes me weird, I’m good with that.


Star Trek


More One:12!


Mortal Kombat


Living Dead Dolls and Horror





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