NYCC 2016: Mezco One:12 Convention Exclusive Shadowland Daredevil
Mezco has stepped to the plate with their One:12 Collective line, and with every pitch, they have knocked it out of the park, a veritable Home Run Derby of action figures.  The line, which started last year, I think…might be two years ago now, time flies, features attention to character detail found only in exceptionally premium toys / statues.  So add One:12 to that list of premium figures, but with a reasonable price tag, what could go wrong?  Literally nothing, everything is amazing, especially in this 2016 Convention Exclusive Shadowland Daredevil.

The Good

  • Let’s start with the accessories, Daredevil includes a flat base with peg, a flight arm, and a clip on arm that let’s you put the red sonar effect behind DD’s head.  Also included, 8 additional hands, and two pairs of billy clubs, one un-tethered, the other tethered with wire to facilitate a throwing effect. Daredevil also comes with 6 total pairs of hands…SIX!
  • Billy clubs fit perfectly in the hands meant for holding, they also fit perfectly in Daredevil’s hip holster.
  • Attention to detail is amazing.  Padding on his boots, his gloves.  His wrist bands are amazing.  His utility belt and holster, the material used makes the red explode off of the figure.
  • Costume material is perfect in the right places, it’s a mix of a cloth material and leather (like) material.
  • Costume stitching is well done / well hidden.
  • Articulation is absolutely fantastic, especially considering that the costume should be more of a hindrance.
  • Marry good articulation with an included stand arm and you have the possibility for endless amazing poses!

The Bad

  • The DD on his chest and the belt are not necessarily 100% comic accurate.  The DD has a different shape in the comics, and he’s unbelted in the comics.  Not for nothing though, these design decisions actually do look cooler on the figure, they add more depth to the character, specifically the utility belt.

The rest

The future lineup for One:12 is dizzying.  What was on display at NYCC this year shows that we are looking at a toy line that is hitting it’s stride.  In 2016 – 2017 you can expect Captain America, other Daredevil outfits, multiple Punishers, Red Skull, Flash, Superman, Darkseid, Deathstroke, the list goes on and the characters featured are absolutely iconic.  The list even extends beyond the comics.  We will see horror characters, Star Trek, Space Ghost. It’s Mezcos time to shine and as long as they keep the quality that is demonstrated in this Daredevil up, it’s not going to be a problem for them.  If One:12 wasn’t on your radar to this point, it’s time to put them there, these figures are astonishing!  This being my first One:12 figure, I can tell you honestly, it won’t be my last.  In fact, it definitely isn’t, Captain America will be reviewed here shortly, and I don’t expect him to be my last either.


Shadowland Daredevil is a convention exclusive.  If you want him, you’ll pay aftermarket prices, which aren’t terrible on Amazon. 

The Pictures

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