Mezco One:12 Convention Exclusive Captain America
The dust is settling on NYCC 2016, folks are home wrapping up their coverage, opening their toys, and we here at MUReview are doing the same.  While at NYCC we picked up two absolutely exceptional gems.  The Mezco One:12 Collective Convention Exclusive Shadowland Daredevil, which we took a look at yesterday, and the Mezco One:12 Collective Convention Exclusive (classic) Captain America.  We absolutely loved the Daredevil for all of the incredible things it got right, and even some of the things it didn’t get technically right.  I’m pretty sure we are looking at more of the same with Cap here….but let’s take a closer look.

The Good

  • I would wager a good chunk of money that Mezco, in their One:12 line spends more time on details of boot laces than many other companies spend on whole figures.
  • Cap includes 5 1/2 pairs of hands.  Some are good for shield holding, knife holding, fist punching, finger pointing, and even a thumbs up for good measure.
  • Included grenades make for some awesome poses (see the gallery)
  • Whenever a figure has a weapon and a holster for that weapon I swoon.  Cap has one for his knife.
  • Not pictured, but the included shoulder straps can be used to magnetically mount Cap’s shield to his back!
  • Magnets also in Cap’s wrists to help the shield stay in place when held.
  • Cap’s shield has a plastic handle vs straps.  Another nice choice to help the shield stay in place for great poses.
  • Unmasked Cap head is nearly perfect.  A smile would have been really fun.
  • Articulation here is unreal, pose-ability is near endless.
  • Near endless pose-ability is further supported by the included stand arm.  Cap can either stand on the shield stand by foot peg, or use the wast clip on the arm stand.
  • The execution of Cap’s scalloped shirt top is beautiful.
  • Attention to detail is just all over the place.  I mentioned boot laces, but he’s got all kinds of padding on his hands, wrists, shines, the shield harness.  No stone is left unturned here.
  • The collector tin packaging for this figure, seriously, Mezco has got to be kidding with the amount of value for $100 here!

The Bad

  • Cap comes with a pair of grenades.  The grenades are awesome, but there isn’t any real place to put them on the figure safely.

The rest

Mezco has taken action figure creation to a whole other level with it’s One:12 Collective line.  As mentioned in our Daredevil piece, the upcoming lineup of figures / characters is mind boggling.  2017 is going to be a very expensive year I think, but my shelves will appreciate it.  For now, the One:12 line has moved to my office and sits over my shoulder in glory.  Folks have been stopping in all week to check out the figures, and it’s justifiable, because they are beautiful pieces of art.  One:12 has a targeted retail between $80 and $120 for most of their figures, an incredibly generous price point for value to figure.  While there is a ton of value, $80 isn’t 20, so there will be a challenge with this line.  It’s a bit pricey to dive in as a completest.  However, with the variation in characters and even licenses, there looks like there will be enough variety to make everyone happy with must haves.





The aftermarket is where you have to go ….so good luck on Amazon!! 

The Pictures

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