Every year at NYCC (and I think SDCC), Marvel throws their Cup O’ Joe panel.  It’s a panel featuring a bunch of the creative Marvel talent as well as top brass, Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso.  Attending as well, Dan Slott, Sana Amanat, Khory Randolph, David Walker, Charles Soute and Nick Spencer.  The panel was ok, not thrilling, they really didn’t tease too far out from what was already on shelves, barely touching on books coming out the end of this month.  I mentioned in my post regarding the DC Rebirth panel the two very different experiences between the two companies banner panels for their comics.  Sitting down, the NYCC staff and outfitted security essentially levied threats, that if a photo was snapped during this panel, about comic books, or if anything was recorded, in this panel about comic books…not live action movies, tv or anything, that the offender would not only be removed from the convention but would face FEDERAL prosecution.  I’m not kidding, those are the words that came out of the pre-moderators mouth.  At a panel featuring pictures of comic books.  She went on to say that this would be the rule applied to ANY and ALL panels at comic con.  That in fact was not the case at all, but certainly the case for this super clandestine, literally half Q and A session with Marvel.  Now, I don’t know if the directive for no pictures was Marvel, Reed Pop, a miscommunication or what.  But that immediately soured me.  I’ve taken pictures at every single Cup O’ Joe for the last 5 years, but not today.  The only picture I have to share with you is the featured image and this…











Kinda worth it, right?

The panel itself, all the panelists were great, Joe Quesada was cracking jokes, it was a discussion about coming books.  In short order:

The Inhumans vs X-Men – IVX will play out after the Death of X run.  It’s going to be brutal, lives will be lost.

Monsters Unleashed is going to be big fun and big battles.

Cap Take Back The Shield is gonna make things messy, there will be a D-Man wrestling match and we will see new Falcon Nicky Torres.

In Captain America 6 we will see more of the role that Cap played in starting the civil war, and in 7 his plans pan out.

Mosaic is about a jerk basketball player turned Inhuman, he loses his body and has to posses others.

Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy tackles Spidey’s promise not to let anyone else die, and Doc Ock is back.

Marvel is excited about their young and middle reader novel line with Black Widow Red Vengeance out 10/11, The Gauntlet out 10/25 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Meets World on 2/7/16.  There is also a younger reader book, a follow up to Rocket and Groot, Rocket and Groot Keep On Trucking a whacky adventure with Veronica the Tape Dispenser landing 4/4/17.

Jessica Jones gets a new comic run written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Daredevil will have his hands full in the Dark Art story line featuring a serial killer who is also an artist named Muse.  It was also mentioned that issue 16 will take place in the breath of a gunshot started on page 1 and finding or not finding it’s target on the last page.  Also coming up for Daredevil, in issue 17, we will find out how he got his identity back.

Powerman and Iron Fist is rolling with it’s new arc Harlem Burns.  It features a gang war / turf war driven by Tombstone, Cottonmouth, Black Cat, Mr. Fish, and a story will center around the crappiest villain team ever, the Fang Gang.

A new villain will be introduced as Alex Wylder from the Runaways.  We were told he’d be popping up as a persistent Marvel villain and potential big bad heavy hitter.

Iron Fists launches 3/17 and gets Danny Rand a sidekick!

Marvel closed their announcements talking about Madaya Mom an ABC news series.  Marvel has given art to the texts sent to ABC news from a  refugee family cut off from the rest of the world.  It will be powerful and moving and show a side of life many haven’t yet experienced.

Core to the tenants that Marvel discussed today were to continue to trumpet how diverse they are, how they tackle serious issues, how they tie into the real world.  It was a much more serious tone than in the DC Panel, which really felt more like…let’s have fun and make comics.  I feel like I’d like Marvel to stop trying to change the world and get to writing fun comics again.  Not saying they don’t, but comics is where I go to escape the real world.  Let’s lighten up, have fun and stop tackling issues.  That’s my take on today.  Know what I’m gonna do about it? Read Marvel and DC comics, and enjoy them both, anyway.

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