MUReview and litlgeeks made it down to the always wonderful Hasbro ‘Twas the Night Before party.  Held, the night before…. NYCC 2016!  This is a fun night for industry, media and friends to get together and to appreciate all that Hasbro has to offer.  If you want to see ALL that Hasbro has to offer…go here.  


If you want to see what’s going on with Hasbro Marvel…you are in the right place.  Scroll on friends.

Marvel Legends 3.75

Displayed were already released 2-packs.  It’s not that we aren’t excited about them, but we HAVE already reviewed them, so head to our main page and click figure reviews to check that out.

Marvel Legends 12″

The 12 inch line was on display showing off Iron Man, Cap and Spider-Man.  You can get them in stores now.

Marvel Legends 6″

Well, now, the buzz is already out on the Internet, nothing to hide, just saving the show stealers for last.  The 6 inch Marvel Legends team has all guns blazing, aimed at 2017.  I’m really excited to talk to them more about it tomorrow at NYCC offsite, but for now, I’m content to share with you the pictures I took and the figures I learned that will be coming in to existence.

The big stories as far as I’m concerned, 2000’s era Adam Warlock, Death’s Head 2, Shatterstar, Old Man Logan.  The Doctor Strange wave was displayed, that’s out now.  Also displayed, the 2017 Spidey wave.  Brit Spidey, Jackal, Green Goblin, 2014 / 2015 2099 Spidey, Symbiot  Suit Spidey, Ms. Marvel, Shocker, and a beautiful BAF in Sand Man (with alt hand accessories).  My guess, Warlock is a Guardians wave figure.


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