If one of the first stops along your comic con trail isn’t persistently the Diamond Select Toys booth, you are doing it wrong.  There, I said it.  The fine folks at Diamond Select Toys consistently deliver amazing products featuring awesome licenses across all of their innovative toy lines, Minimates, Selects, Vinimates, PVC Statues, name it, they have it, and going through their display case, we saw a ton of great stuff.

Now for the bad news, most of what we saw in that display case…it’s gonna be a long cold winter waiting for it, as much is 2017 product.  Still though, much to look forward to.  Let’s dive in!

Marvel Minimates

Featured among the Marvel Minimates is one of my grail pieces, the Black Knight!  Another one…Venom Space Knight!  It’s going to be a fantastic next couple of Minimonths! (see what I did there?).


Marvel Statues and Select

Diamond Select showed off some exceptionally beautiful PVC statues including Medusa and Doctor Strange.  Also on display, Odin Destroyer!!


Diamond Select DC

Diamond Select Toys produces incredible busts and statues of all of your favorite DC characters.  Today they showed off, I believe for one of the first times, the pictured King Tut from the classic Batman TV series.  Let’s not forget the Shakespeare bust!



Diamond Select Toys is bringing some incredible, some of the best ever Muppet figures to market, between Minimates and Select scale, the characters that they are addressing are perfect every time and I can’t wait to get mitts on!



Like Minimates in art style, but vinyl, bigger, and amazing.  Vinimates haven’t really hit shelves yet, and there are a ton of prototypes shown off here at NYCC, including the first EVER Caddyshack figures!!!  More from Beetlejuice, the Vinimates line is going to be epic.


Nightmare Before Christmas

Diamond Select Toys are amazing stewards of the Nightmare Before Christmas toy line, bringing surprises and amazingly detailed figures to market every year!



Seriously, the best freaking Ghostbusters toys ever, come from Diamond Select Toys.  Beautiful, highly articulated, a joy to behold.


All the rest

Diamond Select Toys showed off so many amazing properties, Predator had new reveals, the Mallrats line looks great, Plants Vs. Zombies?!?!  Let’s also not forget, Star Trek!  Check out what else is happ’nin at DST.


Thank you so much to Diamond Select Toys for taking us around the booth today, it’s always one of our favorite stops on our journey through NYCC.  We look forward to it every year!  We look forward to it because the toys are amazing, and the people there are even better!

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