I’m pretty psyched that I can say I was able to attend the two largest, most important comic book panels of the day between DC Rebirth What’s Next, and Marvel’s Cup O’ Joe Panel.

The vibe for each panel was so remarkably different in every way, in spite of the fact that at the heart of it, both panels were there to talk what’s coming for the rest of 2016 and into 2016.

The DC Panel was light hearted, fun, telling and sharing what was next.  We will start there and I’ll talk about the other in another post.

Since you can legitimately see all you need to know in the slides, please have a look at the gallery.  DC has some incredible books out on shelves, coming in 2016, and early 2017.  Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash, Deathstroke, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn all have incredible story lines coming up and the bottom line is that you should get to readying the books.

Some highlights, Wonder Woman goes to the mall, Harley Quinn starts a band, things get heavy with Oliver Queen and the Black Canary, Deathstroke is a crappy parent and he’s only going to get worse, Hal Jordan takes the universe on his shoulders, John Stewart is an excellent delegator, Guy Gardener is a punching bag, Flash gets a new villain in Godspeed, who thinks he’s a hero, …and that’s actually the rub on that hour long panel.


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