MUReview was absolutely honored to be a guest at the DC booth where we got the chance to speak with one of the great minds behind the DC Collectibles toy lines that we all know in love….for me, that’s chiefly DC Icons, but I digress.  That mind that we talked to, Kevin Kiniry.  He took time out of his crazy NYCC schedule to give us the low down on DC Collectibles upcoming offerings, and he went well above and beyond and answered a bunch of our questions.  I can’t thank him, DC or DC Collectibles enough, it was a fantastic experience, and again…because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice, I will be transcribing our conversation as best as possible below.  Enjoy!

Before the meeting I dropped a marketing phrase that DC can use…they have “legitimately revolutionized my website”.  That is an absolute truth.  Prior to the DC Icons line, our skew was much harder Marvel.  The flood gates have opened and now we are just all about whatever is awesome, that frequently is DC Icons, so I thank them for opening those gates.  This comment made Kevin very happy.  He said so, I believe him.

…ok, I’ll admit to you, I just tried to transcribe this.  It’s freaking impossible to make it legible, so for the first time ever, I have no choice but to let you hear my voice.  Please enjoy the below multi-media presentation of my interview with Kevin Kiniry, pretty much in it’s entirety….

Thank you so much to DC, DC Collectibles, Kevin, Sara, for having MUReview down and for taking so much time to talk to us and answer so many of our questions.  This was an awesome and memorable experience, and I hope everyone enjoys!





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