Starting off day 3 at NYCC for was the All New All Different Marvel Panel.  A first for me at a Marvel panel, it was so packed I had to stand in the back!  I was early and everything!  At any rate, let’s get to it.

The panel featured Katie Kubert, Gerry Duggan, Dennis Hopeless and David Walker.  Marvel took guests on a journey into what’s next and coming in the next few months.  You can skip to the gallery for images of the slideshow, and check out our brief descriptions below.


Black Panther
  • The first arc will revolutionize what is going on in Wakanda!
Extraordinary X-Men
  • Marvel is not cancelling x men
  • This is the core X-Men book featuring Storm, Old Man Logan and a Young Jean Grey…what could go wrong?
  • The mutants are imperiled by Terrigen mists which sets up conflicting goals for humans and mutants.
All New Wolverine
  • Coming in January 2016.
  • Features X-23 as the new Wolverine along with Dr. Strange.
  • A lot of surprises in this book!
All New X-Men
  • Dennis Hopeless adds the return of the Blob!
  • It’s a team of mutant kids in a post Secret Wars world.
  • The kids don’t like what the adults are doing and they want to be heroes again.
  • The book will deal with that and teen angst.
Powerman and Iron Fist
  • The book will develop the friendship of this unlikely pair.
Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Coming January 16
  • It’s gonna have monsters!
  • It’s also going to have Hit Monkey and Dum Dum Dugan.
 Venom Space Knight
  • It’s Venom in space…what’d you think?
  • Releasing in November of 2015.
Spider Gwen
  • It’s Gwen vs. Goblins.
  • The band is back together January 16th.
  • The story picks up after Peter Parker died, there are lizards running around the city, and Gwen doesn’t want to Spidey to be found as a lizard.
Spider Woman
  • Jessica Drew is going to learn to deal with being a super hero and with being pregnant!
  • Silk broke bad by working for Black Cat, the reasons why are revealed in issue 1.
 Spider Ladies Crossover
  • The arachnid women of the Marvel universe are going into a big crossover event in Feb of 2016.  Gwen will be jumping in and out of 616 and the other girls will be jumping into Earth 65…and it’s gonna get messy.


Also worthy of note.  Awesome Cosplayers in the panel, Colossus, Ms. Marvel, Doctor Strange and more!

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