Twas the Night Before NYCC and all through New York City, people were hanging out with Hasbro down around 18th St.  I guess it wasn’t all through NYC, it was really very particular to that area and those people, but either way.  Hasbro had a party. NYCC was honored to be invited, and we took lots and lots of pictures to share with you!

Star Wars has some of the hottest media properties in the world between Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars, also Star Wars…. They strive every day to do those brands justice, and they kill it every time.  Tonight was one of those awesome culminations of killage, where media and press are able to come together and check out all that Hasbro has coming soon.  I mean…freakin old Han Solo! Amirite? or Amirite?!


Star Wars

Hasbro has a billion Micro Machines, a mass, an armada even, of Star Wars vehicles, and the much coveted Black Series of 6 inch figures.  They have bigger figures too, smaller ones, games, and more!  All were on display, but the most oggled was the much aged Harrison Ford as Han Solo from the forthcoming Force Awakens film.  Check em out!



I grew up on Transformers.  I can quote every line from the 86 movie.  It is a part of me.  So Marvel bringing to life a real and proper Galvatron for one has me salivating.  Lest we not forget DEVASTATOR, which is already on shelves.   Tons of Autobots and Decepticons were on display including a Blaster that turns into a base, with more cassette tapes than a Camaro in 1989.

Also not to be forgotten, the brand spankin new, out yesterday, Transformers Devastation!  I got a few minutes to sit and bust up Devastator.  He wasn’t happy about it, I was, and I even walked out with a free copy from a fancy raffle!



Check out our Marvel coverage HERE, and check out the pictures all over again down below.

3.75″ Legends


6″ Legends



Oh my god I’m so annoyed that I’m going to have to buy this.  I kept seeing it in stores and saying, nah, kids are fine with out it.  Nah, I played laser tag, good enough.  Wrong was I.  Playmation innovates and excites in all the right places. It gives the player a way to interact with toys in the real world like nothing I’ve ever seen before….plus, you get to wear a blaster.  Each figure you buy is levels, the starter pack comes with a wearable piece for you to blow up virtual objects, it’s a win all around and just in time for Christmas!


Thanks again Hasbro, had an amazing time and we always do!  Your parties are second to none.  The drinks are always inventive.  The food is always something I talk to people about for the next year…remember those buffalo chicken bites on celery sticks??  This year though…french onion soup grilled cheese?  I want to still eat it now!

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