NYCC is a magical time of year.  It has taken over early October for me for the last 5 or so annuals, and it’s always awesome. However, for those same five years, but more awesome, is the night before NYCC.  Hasbro does it and does it right in the form of a party…that is awesome.  With great food, and great drink, and great times.  But I digress.  I’m just here to talk Marvel, and that’s why I was at the Hasbro Twas The Night Before Party tonight, to talk Marvel, to learn Marvel!  Tonight, more than any other, I achieved that, met great people, had a great time, and…learned some Marvel!

I’m going to split my galleries in two pieces, 3.75 and 6 inch figures for Marvel.  It’ll just make it easier, and I’ll split what I want to say in two as well, because why not?


My first stop this evening was a tiny table with 6 carded figures on it.  Ulik, Captain Marvel, Yondu, Iron Man, Noir Spider-Man and Triton.  This wave, announced at SDCC was adorned in all new packaging for the 3.75 scale, fully branded with Marvel Legends.  Unifying the brand does a lot of good, it shows one front to the customer, and I for one think people are smart enough to figure out…this figure is big, this figure is small.  The packaging at any rate is fantastic, back to amazing artwork on the cardbacks!  This particular line featured only one figure with accessories, Yondu, and it was interesting to note that the cardback featured wording stating that your kids would choke and surely die if they played with it….it said something like that.  The figures were awesome, they will be awesome as wave one of 2016, but what was more awesome, was getting some time with the Master of Marvel 3.75 at Hasbro Bobby V.  It was great to get to meet the man behind the brand, because I found out what I’m sure at least a few other people know.  The guy has passion for plastic, passion for heroes, passion for Marvel and he’s an amazing champion for the line.  He’s got elbow joints tattooed on him….he’s not f’n around.  We had a good conversation about the state of the line, much of it, any fan already knows.  Less articulation = lower costs = better margins = line longevity.  But what is behind that is someone who truly cares about the characters, about the art, and about what gets put in a box for you to purchase.  This line is in fantastic hands!  I was assured that 2016 is going to be a monster year for deep characters and I can’t wait!


Marvel Legends 6″

On display was a coming wave(s) of Marvel Legends figures featuring Onslaught as the BAF, Rogue was front and center.  We had a few Taskmasters, one I believe of the Udon variety, Cottonmouth, Sharon Carter, Whirlwind, a new Captian America mold that is astonishing, and Mockingbird.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of conversation with brand about the 6 inch flavor of Marvel, but I do have an interview tomorrow that I am very much looking forward to, so stay tuned!


For more coverage of the Hasbro 2015 Twas The Night Before NYCC Party, check back at early and often! It’s coming!

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