Hasbro went all out last night in NYC showing off everything that they have coming in the next few months.  MUReview had boots on the ground for the event, we took lots of fun photos, had a great time…then Hasbro sent out these photos of all their stuff…and they are so much better than ours!  Like, I could take lots of classes and get a $4000 camera, and my photos wouldn’t look like this…so I’m doing the responsible thing, and sharing them with you!

Marvel Legends 3.75


Marvel Legends 6


Star Wars Black Series


Star Wars Black Series Titanium


Star Wars Micro Machines


Transformers Generations Titans Return  – Transformers Generations transitions from Combiner Wars to a new theme: TITANS RETURN, Part 2 of the just-announced PRIME WARS TRILOGY!








Titan Masters




Transformers Robots In Disguise




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