MUReview had the great pleasure and honor to speak with the Marvel Brand team members from Hasbro today just outside of New York Comic Con.  Interview sessions were a strict timed 10 minutes (understandable, everyone gets a turn!), and because I pretty much love whatever Hasbro puts to plastic under the Marvel brand, I reached out to you, fans of MUReview, to see what you guys might want to have asked.

For the sake of brevity, I have listened to the interview.  I will not be posting the audio interview. I sound like a tool, and there was some cursing…mostly because I was nervous…and I curse when I’m nervous.  Back to it, for the sake of brevity, I listened to the review, and will be transcribing answers in a paraphrased question and answer format as best as possible.

The interview took place with Tony Kola, Mike Breslin, Dwight Stahl (I apologize for any mis-spellings).

We began our conversation with a brief recap of what’s coming for 2016 in the 3.75 inch Marvel line, then we got away from it and went back to it, so for ease of reading, while Mike B apologized for not having the whole roster memorized (…like he SHOULD have (kidding), the whole team chimed in and we got through what’s coming:

Secret Wars 2-packs

  • Young Thor and Female Thor
  • Captain Marvel (Danvers) (mask on) and Kree Captain Marvel (the best ever)
  • Captain Falcon / America and Vance Astro / Major Victory (high fives all around on Vance Astro!)
  • Hyperion Max and Hyperion Marvel Now


The newly branded Marvel Legends 3.75 inch line

  • Noir Spider-Man
  • Iron Man (Mark 1? 2? Can’t remember)
  • Yondu
  • Captain Marvel (Danvers)
  • Ulik
  • Triton


Now to the questions.

Will we see a return to more accessories for the 3.75 inch line?

Mike B – ‘With any figure, 6 inch or 3.75, we want to get the right gear for the right person, if they have a signature piece or signature weapon we want to get that to the fans.’

Mike admits to kicking himself for not including a chain with Ghost Rider (so you all can stop, he’s doing it by himself.



Any chance stands will ever come back?

Mike B – ‘They could, they were knocked away a few years back for cost savings a few years back.  There is no plans currently to include stands.’

Fans have expressed frustration with steep price inconsistencies, even at different locations of the same retailer.  What is the official price?

Dwight – ‘That’s an interesting question, because it’s really up to our retailer, we can’t price fix.  We can sell them goods at a specific price point and margin, then it’s up to the stores.  It’s interesting in the dynamic you are experiencing, it’s because of the success and the growth of the segment.  You see some retailers experimenting with the price point to see what the elasticity is. The good news is that this space is growing at such a rapid rate.  We’re all excited, because remember that little four foot section of the store that used to be for collector and fan, now that’s a whole aisle.  We’re growing as fast as we can, we can’t control everything, we can’t price fix, but our goal is to add as much quality in there as possible and it’s up to the retailer to sell it for what they see fit’.


Will the 6 (or 3.75) inch line of Marvel receive any vehicle / diorama treatment (as is being done with Star Wars lines)?

Mike B – ‘I would love to see us get to that point of entry for 6 inch.  I think when you talk about the other things, the vehicles and stuff for guys to go in, there is no IP that has as strong of a balance between vehicles and figures.  Marvel doesn’t have that yet.  You know when characters shoot lasers from their eyes or most of them can fly or can punch through walls,  you don’t need a taxi or a vehicle to drive you around.  So it’s more of a challenge to find a Quinjet or a hover cycle or even Ghost Riders Motorcycle.  That’s not to say that we won’t or that we haven’t had conversations about it.  We would love to see us get to a point where we think we could deliver you guys a quality item of that nature, but right now none of those things are currently in the plan.


I see you have a first member of the Serpent Society here.  Are there any plans to continue and complete the Serpent Society (Legends 6 inch)?

Mike B – ‘If Jessie Falcon has anything to do with it, yes you will see more Serpent Society…and he carries a little bit of weight”.


Will Hasbro be producing new product for Doctor Strange and Civil War?

Mike B –  ‘We are working on some product for Doctor Strange but we are not revealing what that is at this time but we will be showing that at Toy Fair in February.

Tons of Civil War stuff, just a few months away.’


Fans are curious to see how Hasbro stands with Marvel’s current initiative of trying to murder the X-Men.  Are we going to keep getting X-Men figures??

Mike B – ‘I would make X-Men every year if it was up to me. Sadly it’s not solely up to me.   But Marvel is not opposed to us looking at X-Men in our fan offerings.  They are fully in support of our Rogue figure, and Rogue is the first figure of an all new, first ever X-Men Legends Marvel BAF wave.  She’s the first of 6-7 figures that will be out there.  Because of the upcoming X-Movies for 2016, Marvel is very behind this.   I think this is one of. This is a very fantastic wave!”


I hope you guys out there in reader land are happy with the answers to some of the burning questions surrounding Hasbro / Marvel plastic.  I firmly believe that 2016 is going to be a monster year for the brand.  After meeting with the brand team today, and Bobby V. last night, I couldn’t be much more confident with the folks running the line, that they have the passion and the creativity to make my favorite figures shine well into the future!  Thank you again so much Hasbro, Justin, Brandon, Dwight, Mike, Tony, for taking the time to meet with MUReview.  See you at Toy Fair!

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