Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know full well that Funko is one of the hotest properties in toys.  People legitimately cannot buy Pops fast enough! It’s madness, and I’m sure Funko loves it.  I love it.  They are great toys with a fun look, and they always have an interesting take on characters.  With that said, they are also untouchable at NYCC and SDCC.  The Funko booth, which made it’s return to NYCC this year is ticketed, mobbed, and …well, if you’ve got a ticket I’m sure it’s a great place to be.

That said, Funko has a great line going on with their Collector Corps.  You pay a subscription fee and monthly, you get a box of joy.  It includes a Pop figure, a T-Shirt, some other nifty swag, and maybe sometimes 2 Pops!  So far, they’ve done 3 boxes, Avengers, Ant Man, Secret Wars.  Villains I believe is this month, and November…STAR WARS!   You should go to http://www.collectorcorps.com/ and sign up.  Now…then come back.

Are you back?  Ok…now you should look at some neat shots from the booth.  Also, know that today, I was grateful to have finally met some of the great people at Funko in person! Thanks so much!

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